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  1. This plant was started indoors in April under CFL and LED, it started at 18/6 but gradually changed it to 15.5/8.5 to match local climate. It started to flower after going outside and is healthy. Do the buds look normal or is there signs of it going hermie?

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  2. For plant destined for an outside summer grow they need to be started on 15-9 from sprout.
    The other option is to light them up until Aug 1st.
    This will keep them in veg until your ready to flower.

  3. Thanks for your response, I was wondering if the stress had created male sex characteristics on the plant, I cant tell if its a naner or just an unopened flower. Moving forward is there an issue with it flowering before natural 12/12, the plant is 4 months old and it saves me harvesting 4 plants all at once?
  4. the plant noticed the time was getting shorter so it s flowering
    if you can bring it in and 12/12 lighting you should be ok , however if you leave the plant out you definitely has a good chance at it going hermie
    good luck
  5. Definite flowering and definite balls. Looks like it's already turned hermie to me. I'd get it away from your other plants ASAP.
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  6. It looks to me like you've got male parts growing in your girl parts. I could be wrong. Pictures aren't totally close up and definitively clear.
    The stress from going indoor to outdoor usually isn't enough to make a plant turn hermaphrodite.
    Hermaphrodite plants showing like yours,(possibly) usually is from unstable genetics.
    My experience, my opinion.
  7. I have removed the offending plant, I realized the seeds I used for it were from a plant that was most likely Hermie as well, too bad its a good smoke. Thanks for everyone's advice!
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