Sex Machine

Discussion in 'General' started by potpie_man, May 10, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]
    need I say more
  2. mmmmm Nasal canal :eek:
  3. only pimps roll the palma dutch.
  4. ummm i have just a few things to say...

    i didnt need to see up your nose

    good look with trying to roll a blunt

    but you dont have enough weed for a blunt... you got about enough for a j
  5. yeah i was gonna say... nice nostril shot
  6. lmao no shit... change that angle man god lmao
  7. why the fuck do you have mundis shit up there? dont rag on the nostrel least he didnt have any bats in the cave..come on man
  8. You got some spring cleaning to do, bro.

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