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  1. Sex Is...

    A collection of definitions, interpretations and poetic musings
    Compiled by Yours Truly...

    Sex is a period of squelching noises,
    and squelching noises are lovely,
    but sex is more that that…

    Sex is divine.
    Sex is a joke.
    Sex is love.
    Sex is NOT love no matter what anyone says.
    Sex is awkwardness.
    Sex is absurdity.
    Sex is nature.
    Sex is emotional payback.
    Sex is Poetry in Motion.

    Sex is bringing 2 skaters home after not being laid in a while.
    Sex is actually using those new handcuffs.
    Sex is a reputation.
    Sex is newness.
    Sex is sending a few IMs on AOL.
    Sex sells.

    Sex is all about making him squirm...
    Sex is meeting someone at a coffee shop.
    Sex is a first time experience at least once.
    Sex is fun if you know what you're doing.
    Sex gets some people whipped.
    Sex is a sad middle-aged women, let's say a statistics professor, standing in the middle of her kitchen in a cheerleading outfit waiting for the twenty-year-old linebacker to whom she so generously gave the D+.

    Sex is a matter of physics.
    Sex is the only cure for virginity.
    Sex is far too far away :(
    I think sex is when he just can't stand to beat you anymore...
    Last time I checked Sex was penetration of the feminine vagina with the male penis.

    Sex is having him finally say he loves you, telling you his problems, and then realizing you can't be with him... or maybe that's poetry and sex is taking him for a walk while drunk so he won't puke and coming back with really dirty knees.
    Sex is revenge.
    Sex is business.
    Sex is religion.
    Sex is politics.
    Sex is a strap-on.
    Sex is a means to having a lower purity score.

    Sex is falling asleep together and waking up in the middle of the night to realize that she is more beautiful and wonderful that you could have ever dreamed.
    Sex is the night after she leaves, when you realize just how cold and lonely your bed really is.
    Sex is a blur of interesting hair inside a passing Volvo.
    Sex is checking the computer cluster more that once a day to find *him*.
    Sex is reading e-mail until four or five in the morning.
    Sex is never letting your parents know your dark side.
    Sex is not only good for your heart, but if you do it right, it can also add a healthy luster to her hair.

    Sex changes you.
    Sex is 20 questions via IM at 1:30 in the morning
    Sex is the fact that he makes you feel melty even if he's miles away
    Sex is a burning sensation when you wee... no wait, that's VD... sex is a burning sensation in your soul.
    Sex with someone you like particularly is way more fun that just doing it for the sake of orgasm.
    Sex can ruin a friendship.
    Sex it glitter and loud music.
    Sex is the joining of two bodies in hot passion.
    Sex is a way for advertisers to make money.
    Sex is a hole punctured in a bucket full of wine.
    Sex is a hairy tale and a nursery crime.
    Sex is the downstairs bathroom in the factory near the trestle.
    Sex is improvising with a feathered cat toy and several pairs of handcuffs.
    Sex is painting your fingernails blood red to match your lips.
    Sex is looking.
    Sex is lying.
    Sex is art.
    Sex is women's tennis.
    Sex is friendship.
    Sex is a kiss on the hand.
    Sex is the union of souls in a physical manifestation.
    Sex is Silk and satin, leather and lace
    Sex is Black panties with an angel's face
    Sex is a good cardiovascular exercise.
    Sex is a coed wrestling match gone horribly right.
    Sex is something I really want more than my share of.
    Sex is the most fun way to make a mess.
    Sex is the only 3 letter 4 letter word.
    Sex is something everyone should have ridiculous amounts of.
    Sex is where women suck well and men just suck.
    Sex is where guys get to kiss lips that DON'T speak.
    Sex in the eighties was a few kisses in a dark room before the camera panned away.
    Sex is leaving before sunrise so he won't get arrested.
    Sex, like everything, leaves you a more interesting person for the experience.
    Sex is a wad of yellowish toilet paper in the bathroom trashcan.
    Sex is a friend asking your boyfriend if he's sexually frustrated by you.
    Sex is shouting the contents of a Cosmo article across the courtyard to your roommate's crush.
    Sex is pizza, soda, and missing the dramatic finally of that movie....
    Sex is him making sure you're okay now and you'll still be okay in the morning.
    Sex is a way out -- and also a way in.
    Sex is the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Sex is the drug supply that never runs out.
    Sex is the best when you're trying to make a baby.
    Sex is the end of a fifty dollar bet.
    Sex is the wet T-shirt contest.
    Sex is always "in".
    Sex gets you your way.
    Sex can kill you.
    Sex will bring you closer.
    Sex is good exercise.

    Sex is a guy just out of the shower, jeans and a T-shirt, bare feet, wet hair, grinning.
    Sex is a hand on the small of your back.
    Sex is the flash of a cute face between classes (someone to dream about in study hall?).
    Sex can hurt (We lied: Size matters).
    Sex--You'll love it! - It's a way of life!
    Sex is waiting 45 minutes for someone, thinking you've been stood up, and having them show up at your door an hour later with a bottle of wine and a really good excuse.
    Sex can make you laugh.
    Sex can ease your pain, get you on your feet again.
    Sex is the beginning and end of a relationship.
    Sex makes babies, and they cost money.
    Sex isn't weird until the next morning.
    Sex is wondering how the hell a dental dam is supposed to work.
    Sex is neat when she's tied down. :)
    Sex never lasts long enough (no matter what she says).
    Sex on Valentine's Day with someone you didn't dare hope for FUCKING ROCKS.
    Sex is just like Sir Mix-A-Lot says it is.
    Sex is going back to his house to "warm up" even though you're supposed to meet someone in half an hour.
    Sex is a feather boa draped over a parking meter New Year's Eve.
    Sex is hearing someone ask a guy straight out if he's gay (no pun intended) and praying he'll say no.
    Sex is wanting someone you **know** probably isn't a good idea, but you just might do it anyway.
    Sex is a skinny little guy in a hat who can melt your heart.
    Sex is a porno magazine with all of the pages stuck together.
    Sex is a run across the clouds, exquisite and mind-bending.
    Sex is two guys in a shower at four in the morning.
    Sex is the perfect end to a bad day.
    Sex is tripping without the cost.
    Sex is going to the prom with a good guy friend just so he can pursue your good girl friend.
    Sex is taking an essay and ripping it up one side and down the other.
    Sex is an alarm clock going off at one in the morning.
    Sex is very different depending on how good you are--For the sexually inept, sex is a trial (some shirk from it, others try and fail, again and again, only further worsening their self-opinion).
    Sex is something you can want even though you've never had it.
    Sex is pure give and take.
    Sex is overrated; love is underrated and often confused with sex.
    Sex is the one time that just about anyone wants to be seen naked.
    Sex is the cure for virginity; where can I find a pharmacy?
    Sex is important; guys start their lives coming out of a woman and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in.
    Sex makes you want to have more sex.
    Sex is the launching of a spacecraft, an enormous explosion, and then liftoff to heights and place previously unimagined.
    Sex is kissing on the deserted roof of a parking garage in the middle of the night, the wind tangling your hair with his.
    Sex is being the only girl playing strip poker with a bunch of guys -- and losing really badly.
    Sex is shared by people in love.

    Sex is when you're sitting four inches away from somebody in a crowded room full of conversation and all you can think about is the fact that HE'S SITTING FOUR INCHES AWAY FROM YOU - you want to touch him, but you can't, you're not together, maybe he likes you but what if he doesn't, and your whole body screams for him...
    Sex is when his grin makes you smile, no matter what kind of mood you're in.
    Sex is a freshly made, queen size motel bed.
    Sex is a striptease, just for the fun of it.
    Sex is a guarantee after my eyes lock with yours.
    Sex is an unnecessary emotional attachment.
    Sex is not a sound fundamental base for a relationship.
    Sex is a forty-five minute shower, alone.
    Sex is a warm, vibrating washing machine in a public laundromat on a rainy midnight.
    Sex is sharing embarrassing bodily functions.
    Sex is the dirty old man outside a cafe making lewd comments.
    Sex is something that gets you in trouble.
    Sex is a little black book of reliable sources.
    Sex is better than drugs.
    Sex is someone's idea of a joke.
    Sex is one second of eye contact in a dark smokey bar.
    Sex is a way of life.
    Sex is life's way.
    Sex is keeping one fingernail much shorter than the others.
    Sex is fishnets and a feather boa.
    Sex is lying naked and spread eagle on a dirty carpet and not wondering how fat your thighs look.
    Sex is listening to his life story on a dark porch after you fuck.
    Sex is betrayal.
    Sex is trust.
    Sex is desperately wanting someone you can't have without hurting someone else.
    Sex is rape.
    Sex is pure hatred.
    Sex is new underwear.
    Sex is complicated.

    Sex is an important thing, but it's not *the* thing.
    Sex is a confirmation.
    Sex is anytime of any day.
    Sex is smiling at someone in the mall.
    Sex is a stalker.
    Sex is wanting to rescue on of the guests on the Riki Lake show; topic, "I'm a freak".
    Sex is makeup and a hairdo.
    Sex is licking a lollipop very very slowly in front of the best man at your mother's wedding.
    Sex is when you put your hand in his pants and call him somebody else's name.
    Sex is a small room with bad lighting.
    Sex is hanging out outside his work for hours and hoping your boyfriend doesn't show up.
    Sex is a long phone call and a Vaseline jar.
    Sex is a tongue in your ear.
    Sex is when you have to hide in his closet because his girlfriend comes back.
    Sex is keeping your hand clamped tightly over your mouth so your parents don't hear.
    Sex is leather and crushed velvet.
    Sex is just a word.
    Sex is jumping on a bus at the last minute to get laid.
    Sex is watching TV and waiting your turn.
    Sex is whipped cream and Hershey's syrup.
    Sex is being offered $50 for you and your foster-sister.
    Sex is a chocolate covered cherry slowly melting inside your mouth as your eyes roll to the back of your head.

    Sex is flipping over the cigarette with his initial (and hoping you'll get lucky).
    Sex is following someone down the street because you like the way they're dressed. Sex is a bowl of ice cream and a movie.
    Sex is like a cigarette -- you don't need it, but you're addicted.
    Sex is the food of life.
    Sex is edible underwear.
    Sex is bite-marks on the back of your neck...
    Sex is becoming very familiar with every detail of your ceiling.
    Sex is three hours long because he just won't come.
    Sex is cleanup.
    Sex is being in love with someone for three years, and finally getting them -- for two days (bastard).
    Sex is a dingy little fort after smoking a lot of pot.
    Sex is a cure for boredom.
    Sex is flashing someone on the street.
    Sex is something you can't stop writing or thinking about.
    Sex is never learning from your mistakes.
    Sex is regret.
    Sex is being left with welts and scratches on you back.
    Sex is Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    Sex is getting someone's number.
    Sex is having too much fun in the back of a car.
    Sex - or should I say lack of it -- is infuriating.
    Sex is the one thing you should be really good at ... you should get lots and lots of practice.

    Sex is nasty and beautiful at the same time...kind of like Chinese food.
    Sex is the most widely marketable product.
    Sex is good, but more sex is better.
    Sex feels good as an incentive to reproduce.
    Sex is like a box of chocolates... try 'em all, dammit, they all look the same.
    Sex is the one thing people like me can never have but still always talk about.
    Sex is.. sex is... oh, dammit, I've never had it... I have no idea what the hell I'm taking about.
    Sex is way too much trouble to be worth it.
    Sex is when your next door neighbors can hear you.
    Sex is like candy -- sticky and sweet.
    Sex has two genders.
    Sex is a one time deal.
    Sex is a nameless, faceless stranger.
    Sex is something you'll never forget.
    Sex is like a stand-up comedian -- stage fright can ruin it all.
    Sex is the only sport I won't play.
    Sex is desperately searching for your morning-after pill.
    Sex is being late for work the next morning.
    Sex is time well spent.
    Sex is good.
    Sex is bad.
    Sex is like God - Worship it, and you'll be saved.
    When it comes to sex, pain is pleasure.
    Sex is him choosing between you and his girlfriend.
    Sex is gender blind.
    Sex is your boy in fishnets.
    Sex is working late.
    Sex is pigtails.
    Sex is having to take off eight layers of spikes before you can even lie down.
    Sex is outrageously difficult to perform in a car.
    Sex is vicious.
    Sex is perma-grin.
    Sex is your underwear in your back pocket.
    Sex is a used condom laying on the sidewalk.
    Sex is an empty baby carriage.
    Sex is a full baby carriage.
    Sex is a long kiss on a crowded street oblivious to everyone else.
    Sex can make you crazy.
    Sex is a woman in the snow with a bright red nose and six layers of clothes on.

    Sex is thinking about a guy so much that the glance you get over your shoulder of the next-door-neighbor's pizza boy looks just like him.
    Sex is emotional and mental.
    Sex is when you stick it in and out and in and out and in and out.
    Sex is 69.
    Sex is a whip hanging from your ceiling.
    Sex is an aftertaste.
    Sex is when he has to hide in your closet because your mom comes home in the middle of the morning.
    Sex gets old.
    Sex doesn't always mean nudity -- and nudity doesn't always mean sex.
    Sex is bloodstains on your clown outfit.
    Sex is the smell of detergent.
    Sex is his arm around you during the bad parts of the movie.
    Sex is the smell of candles.
    Sex is "do you want a visitor?" on a snowy lonely night.
    Sex is making him want you even though you'd be better off without him and something inside of you tells you its over.
    Sex is a mohawk in KayBee.
    Sex is blackberry pancakes with strawberries and ice cream.
    Sex is leaving your keys in his car by accident, then catching him just as he's about to shower.
    Sex is an unexpected development after a bowl and a massage.
    Sex is a hotel room.
    Sex is the smell of cookie dough in her hair as it drifts across your face.
    Sex is watching out for the piercing.
    Sex is the drummer....
    Sex is beer and a back seat.

    Sex is a two-hour drive because you love her, but not in the scary way like forever.
    Sex is a vibrating recliner.
    Sex is a friend of a friend's ex-boyfriend.
    Sex is a 3 to 1 ratio.
    Sex is unsure beery kisses late at night after a show.
    Sex is a head rub.
    Sex is "are you sure this is okay?".
    Sex makes it okay that they call you Jojo.
    Sex makes it hurt when he drinks, and sex hurts when he drinks.
    Sex is the secret you want to tell the world but can't.
    Sex is a double standard.
    Sex is dark blue and requires 2 AA batteries <g>.
    Sex is letting him come over after 4 years even though you know you shouldn't.
    Sex is driving to pick up her best friend on her birthday so she'll be happy because you went and fell for her.
    Sex is keeping the parking stub.
    Sex is the battle cry of Satan.
    Sex is a Godsend.
    Sex is "Why did I do that??".
    Sex is a crucifixion, a diet pill, a silly haircut, and a big dorky smile.
    Sex is a quickie at the trestle before the bus comes.
    Sex is an unfulfilled crush.
    Sex is hating yourself in the morning.
    Sex is a good song on the radio.
    Sex is life.
    Sex is undefinable.
    Sex is dreaming about him every night you don't sleep at his house.
    Sex is abuse.
    Sex is salvation.
    Sex is a few forbidden moments in a sleeping bag by a busy road with someone else's boyfriend.
    Sex is ultimate confusion.
    Sex is fahbulous, dahlink.
    Sex is making him late for that flight...accidentally!

    Sex is sneaking out at 12:30 even though you'll have to wait alone in the dark scared and wondering what the hell you're doing, and what if...well, never mind that for an hour.
    Sex is being warm and secure, knowing that, at least for now, the worst is over.
    Sex is getting out of bed at four am and not stopping to put on clothes before going out through the rain to your car to get the picture of her that you suddenly needed to see.
    Sex is watching him cry in the driveway and wishing it didn't hurt so bad.
    Sex is being glad that you don't have your keys with you when you get to the car, but even sorrier that you don't.
    Sex either crumbles boundaries or builds them.
    Sex is the feeling of her body pressed against you as you slip in and out of consciousness.
    Sex is the wounded look, the inner hatred.
    Sex is the wicked desire of the corrupt mind.
    Sex is loving every minute of your insanity.
    Sex is the thought that wakes you tangled in sheets in the middle of the night.
    Sex is the beast that paces beneath your skin, waiting to strike out.
    Sex is the insatiable desire to interlock your body with another.
    Sex is finite, yet the memories never die.
    Sex is hard...hard to get to, hard to leave.
    Sex is bitching at yourself for pulling your leg muscles.
    Sex is turning up loud music so the family is spared the ruckus.
    Sex is him twirling you around with one arm after being away for three weeks, and then finally getting his email.

    Sex is a massage, a back scratch, and a once over with an iced mouth.
    Sex is unbridled release.
    Sex is wonderful, yet bitter -- cherish it and loathe it in your own special way.
    Sex is a lot of anticipation followed by a lot of foreplay followed by orgasm...rinse and repeat.
    Sex is one of the few things just about everyone loves and admonishes at the same time.
    Sex is a smell, sex is a sound, sex is a taste, sex is a sight, and sex is a feeling.
    Sex is harmless, dangerous, life giving, and life taking.
    Sex is loving someone but still wanting someone else.

    Sex is salty and squishy and slippery and sweet.
    Sex is extra holes in your fishnets.
    Sex is always in my dreams--and my dreams are the only reason I sleep.
    Sex can ruin friendships.
    Sex can topple empires.
    Sex could save the world.
    Sex is the best workout you can get.
    Sex is: Bull, cow, moo moo! <appropriate hand gestures>
    Sex is a shimmery bottle of blue-green glitter nail polish.
    Sex is a long shiny string of red tinsel hearts.
    Sex is white cotton panties.
    Sex is a black leather thong.
    Sex is a drink before and a cigarette after.
    Sex is empty hallways and abandoned stairwells.
    Sex is an imagined trip to Europe.
    Sex is using the red pen instead of the black.
    Sex is the unfinished novel on the kitchen counter.
    Sex is a variety of colored stains on the bed.
    Sex is better by the railroad tracks.
    Sex is entrapment.
    Sex is holding onto him for just one more night.
    Sex is "Bitch, you nasty. Don't call me"
    Sex should not involve twigs and leaves.
    Sex is asking if everyone is ok.
    Sex is reading a lusty, nightmare filled book.
    Sex is pure sin.
    Sex is the rooms above a restaurant on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.
    Sex is the pinnacle of man's achievement and the most powerful tool a woman can harness.
    Sex is necessary, inevitable, yet so damn elusive in its nature; at least as far as perfect sex is concerned. Although perfect sex is much like the myth of Sisyphus--a myth. Then again, sex is also passion in its purest form. Primal expression. When is human kind in its most primitive form? Why, in bed of course. At any rate, sex is good, sometimes bad, once in a while exceptionally exquisite.
  2. WAY too much time on your hands.
  3. you said sex about 360

  4. ewwww

  5. 378 times including the thread title :D

    EDIT: it was including the thread title
  6. think ya perty much covered it :p WOWOWOW!!!!lolol :smoke:
  7. Lol, sounds like our SJ is a lucky man of late. ;)
  8. stml, now what was this thread about ???[​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. did anybodt read all that, i read about half and realised how many there were lol
  10. Rapid redefininitions from Yours Truly:

    Sorry, guys. These are love, pure and simple.

    Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!

    Does this actually happen? I mean, really?

    And that one is me. No sex. Just the other half of things.
  11. Sex is........elusive.
  12. well, i read every last one... hahah.

    cant say im not confused...

    sex is....


    wouldnt know... but id guess fun.
  13. i read them all

    sex is naughty
    sex is a girl on her hands and knees
    sex is 3 girls and one guy
  14. :D something what have to be said xD

    Sex + weed= very long relationship
    :) my pers.observation!
  15. i always thought sex was when a penis found its way inside a vagina[​IMG]
  16. wow. Old thread.

    Sex is out of my reach....
  17. Sex is 2 minuites 53 seconds of squeltching noises.

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