Sex in Public Is HOT!!!

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  1. Hello GC! SO recently I've decided what really gets me going is fucking my boyfriend in public. Its a tad bit trashy, but I don't care lol :D feel the need to make myself experience the "thrill of maybe getting caught". Last night my boyfriend and I went to a movie, and were really enjoying it. However we were alone in the theater and felt the need to take advantage of this. While were were making out and so on..I kind of just slipped my panties out form my skirt climbed onto his lap and told him I wanted to fuck him lol. So we had some hot loud sex in the movie theater and had to keep watch for ushers the whole time lol it was great. My next plan is to fuck him at a beach in the It kind of gets me off the idea of screwing in public and people not knowing..I never would've have done this before but my boyfriend drives me crazy..SO questions is ..Sex in public..Hot or Not?
  2. I'll agree it's hot.

    I think my girl wants to really bad.

    Does road dome count?
  3. Yes I would say it does. If you can get in trouble for it then it counts lol
  4. I've never tried it but I don't think it's gross :p

    Just not in the woods.. Too many creepy-crawlies.
  5. yeah don't do the woods . I did and i got a rash from the leaves all over my back(im allergic to everything lol). and my knees got covered in dirt. and its pretty obvious you were screwing in the woods when you have leaves stuck in your hair:D
  6. Or you are a really flushed tree climber.
  7. Wait...

    was the movie not good?

    Thats, 11.50 bro
  8. Hawt....
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    Better yet (I do this all the time) but I associate posts with avatars and I so saw Franco saying
  10. bwhaha perhaps. but two flushed tree climbers? Now thats just ludicrous !
    the moive was good lol, but my boyfriend and I just got a little carried away. He didn't seem to mind :D
  11. Tandem tree climbing, tis all the rage in kids nowadays. :ey:
  12. Now you're just being silly! :D
  13. Im serious about the beach thing too. Anyone done that...I know he will if i want to..but the idea of that turns me on. Heres the plan...go to beach..or lake or whatever..go into water with boyfriend a little ways away from people. untie bikini bottoms...lean into boyfriend and tell him I want him to fuck me right now...I dont know why but it seems so hot to me that we could fuck and people wouldnt know. is this hot or am I just insane..ok I know im insane but you know what i mean :)
  14. Ive fucked on the beach, not in the water,

    Fucked my ex in a lake when I was younger right in front of her mom. Lmao, she was like 'u guys split it up a littler

    Little did she know I was inside her daughter...lmao.
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    Bahaha mad props bro i was planning the same thing tho this summer i met this really kinky chick and doing shit in public gets her off she wants to try it in a pool this summer and im all game for it ;P
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    cool. so im not alone haha. My boyfriend kind of turns me into a freak...but im totally going to just surprise him with it lol. Its always hotter that way. I did that last night just pulled off my panties. unzipped his jeans and climbed onto his lap haha. it was great. surprise sex lol :D
  17. Public sex is great did it in the hot tub at a hotel while other people we're swiming almost beside us was amazing!
  18. Surprise sex is the best like weve went from driving to parking at the side of the road and doing it right there this girl is just crazy we cant keep are hands off each other personally i want to do it on a hood of a cop car
  19. thats what im talking about! okay if this happens this summer (as the water is still chilly)
    im updating this thread. I might just start an anonymous blog of my sexual exploits lol. Now dont get me no means am i a slut. I didn't lose it till i was 18 and have only slept with three people (all of whom i was in a relationship with) but my boyfriend has turned me into a freak lol. I used to be quite conservative. and i feel the need to document this lol
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    Cop car....score.

    Just be careful of the dashcam lol.

    Now THAT'S an episode of COPS.

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