Sex help next day. I fear Male

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  1. From reading and examples off of overgrown I fear this is a male. Can someone confirm it for me please.
    It still may be a little too soon to tell but I am going to want to remove it to another location ASAP if it's confirmed male.

    Good looking plant -
    If this is a male I am going to start yet another grow area.
    Because the seed this plant came from was about 20 years old, I was told by a professor at local college chances are all the plants I grow from these seeds are going to be male because of survival gene's and the only way to get the good seeds will be to let it grow and use the seeds from it in hopes of getting females.
    My wife donated her very large walk in closet which is very far away from my other grow area's and different A/C systems.
    It's good I have a very large house soon I will have agrow in every room...grin LOL

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  2. ...but I do believe that is a male. The cluster look just like the ones on the male skunky plant I had in my previous grow. Sorry bub!

  3. yep, thats a male. KILL IT! :D lol
  4. I was thinking!!!!!
    I can take this Male to a place and have them place Xmas lights on it and decorate it.

    It is 6 Foot tall and with garland and lights bulbs on it...who would know?
  5. This plant is a male and it won' produce seeds, just pollen. Put it by your female and you will get all the seeds you want from your female
  6. This one is history.
    Thank you for confirmation.
  7. no wait!

    the xmas tree is a great idea!

  8. Wait don't cut it down yet. We were just joking. This one is the female, the other one is really the male. ;)

    Just joking, this one was the male, I think, hmmmmmm???
  9. ya man nothin but male there!!!! fuck!!



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