sex after blazing

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  1. sex after getting mad baked is so awesome! i don't do it alot but sometimes i will and just destroy my girlfriend. like the juggernaut. just going to town. can last for mad long and just have fun with her.
  2. if i could get laid i would be up there boasting about my stoned feats with you :rolleyes:

    i'm sure it's awesome, though.
  3. I make passionate love with my right hand when i'm baked, because when i sex while stoned i can't last for shit because it feels so god-damn good :cool:
    and when i'm drunk with the Henny dick i can't even get it up
    and when i'm sober i find it hard to care about the girl getting pleased so i just roll over and pass out immediately after releasing my clan of millions of dna-carrying tadpoles, and get bitched at for not cuddling with her

    yeah, my life consists of one-night stands, which isn't so bad actually

    but there will always be a few exes who give me that call at 3 AM when they are single and want some company... :ey: but sadly those all exist in FL, i dont have any horny exes in CO, yet:devious:

  4. A girl I was with would often roll spliffs for me just to amp me up before sex.
    Yes, stoned sex is The Shit. And pink eyes are sexy.
  5. my girl hates when im twisted n fuckin her, she always complains about how i take too long

    she usually jus wants to end it after she cums, which is very selfish of her
  6. my girl doesnt blaze that often but she'll sit there and wait for me to smoke, she loves it when im ripped, all the right spots get hit and my head is just a lil bit bigger

  7. So fucking true. I'm hard as a fucking rock and bigger than normal. I'm able to really get in deep. High sex is the shit. Had legitimate high sex for the first time with my current girlfriend. She seemed pleased :hello:
  8. Two words my friend...

    FUCK YEAH!!!

    Couldn't agree with you more. Eating(her) and fucking are usually at the top of my desire list when baked, followed up by eating(food).

    Lather, rinse, and repeat.:D
  9. I like the other way around, banging and then toking :smoking:
  10. I agree 100% :hello:

    I do have to comment on how often this topic is made on this forum though. :D

    This is like the 20th "sex while stoned" thread I have seen in the last few months. (i have replied in most of them hehe)

    For some reason, all the girls I sleep with dont smoke weed. The last 3 girls I have been with where all cigarette smokers, but not weed. And I HATE cigarette smokers. :)
  11. hahaha. my girl and i would argue becuz i smoke trees and she smoked butts. arguments about whose breathe was worse, haaaa. hers definitely was!!! mmmm ashtray.
  12. it makes me last even longer it sucks for me...

    but as for the girl she cant even move after :D

  13. I am more sensitive when I am stoned. I am more likely to just be lazy and not even care if I cum quick. :D

    When I am drunk I can go forever. Or if I take some percs and fuck its like a marathon...
  14. ^that.....sadly.
  15. I lost my virginity blazed as fuck.

    I had been smoking all day and got two chicks around, smoked 3 bowls and went up stairs with one, it went from there and man, i had no idea what the fuck was going on, it was good when she was sucking my dick, and when we were rooting it was good, but i really wanted to put my full effort into it but since it was such a crazy experience i couldnt really concentrate as hard.

    Lol, good times.
  16. Yes. Sex after blazing is amazing. Every girl I've ever dated up to this point has been against toking, so the few tims I was blazed during sex I had to hide it, but my current girlfriend is a stoner and it's absolutely amazing. Last night we smoked 2 bowls of high mids before "activities" and it was incredible. I'm picking up 1/2 oz tomorrow, leaving an eighth aside for nights like last night.
  17. Kissing and cotton mouth, yargh...
  18. sex after blazing is so fuckin sweet. get in the zone and pound the fuck outta dat pussay

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