Severe nute burn? check out my pics

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  1. well hello again tokers. todays fuck up includes my best plant, now 1 week into flowering. i definately over did it with the nutrients about two weeks ago, and imo the plant should have recovered by now. its had 3 waterings since, no nutes at all. each watering is about 2 cups. im working with 3 gallon pots under a 250W hps indoors.

    when i transplanted last, i made a mix of soil, peat moss, perlite, bone meal and blood meal. COULD IT BE that i used too much bone/blood meal and thats where the nute burn is coming from? check out the pics for yourself.

    pic 1 is overhead view
    pic 2 is side view
    pic 3 i tried to get a good shot of the burned up leaves.

    this is just bag seed, but this plant is doing oh so well, i just really dont wanna fuck it up now.

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  2. ok heres evidence from another one of my plants. this one is confirmed female, just likethe one above. check out the pics. try to notice in the bottom left corner of the picture that white "goo" i found on there when i opened up my room today. theres definately no slugs or anything in my room, could it be maybe i sneezed on the plant last night and didnt realize???? anyway, check out the burning.

    EDIT: underneath my microscope that white goo looks like bubbles, soap bubbles almost cause they reflect all the light back into the microscope in purples and blues. i dont see any bugs or anything in there though.

    RE-EDIT: well i didnt like the looks of that white goo, so i used Schultz's 3-in-1 insecticide, miticide and fungacide. just sprayed a few times on each plant. im letting them get dry before i put them back into the grow room with the fans.

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  3. Ya to much bone/blood meal, that stuff is very strong, I personally never use the stuff, How much did you add? I was just checking your other post with the construction of the frame for your grow area Iam diggin the set-up, nice job on construction too. Sorry about your plants, think inpatience plays a heavy role in our fuck-ups we want them to grow so fast to smoke some good shit and we end up overdoing our love for them. To flush your gonna need more then 2 cups of water for a 3 gallon pot try flushing with 6 gallons of water, I know it's seems like alot of water but ya gotta get the crap from the roots and 2 cups in 3 gal. pots will not do, you need to have the water running right through the drain holes for a proper flush, no drainage, no flushing and thats why your plants have not recovered yet. Good Luck
  4. thanks for the quick response quader. the stringiest of my plants had its roots ripped in half about a month ago while transplanting (first grower here, obviously) and that ones been hit hardest by the nute burn. i just checked my plants, looks like im in luck with 4 out of 4 plants being female. im taking the stringy one to my buddys house where he is still in veg. i will reveg it for a while and flush tonight also, hopefully itll recover. if not, oh well. theres always next grow.

    edit: does it matter that i usually water every 5 days, and it was just watered 2 days ago? will this flush cause my plants to die just as if they were overwatered?
  5. 2 cups of water to a 3 gallon pot is not whats considered flushing the soil. 3 gallons of water to a 3 gallon pot is concidered flushing the soil.

    I dont know what your worried about, the green leaves look fine, and the burnt leafs will never come back good so hope thats not what your judging it by.
  6. nah dier, im sayin i usually water 2 cups when the soil is dry, thats where that 2 cups thing is from.

    i was just worried that the decaying leaves would continue to spread to new leaves, and eventually take over the plant. are you saying thats not likely?
  7. No its not insects, the dieing leafs from the nute burn will continue to die and will not affect other leafs...

    if you cntinue to see nute burn happening on newer leafs then you still have a nute problem.
  8. Yes. I don't see too much of a problem with these plants; especially the first ones. Are you sure those browned leaves were not from the nute burn a few weeks ago? Also, I don't think bone and blood meal would burn plants to easily. They are both organic elements and organics rarely burn plant; especially mature ones like you have there. Therefore, I don't think a flush is even necessary. It won't hurt though unless your soil has poor drainage. Every time I water my plants I give my one gallon plant about three quarters of a gal to drink. This causes plenty of water to run out the bottom and flushes the salts down. A flush on a 3 gallon pot would be at least 3 gallons; a thorough flush would indeed be 6.
  9. HIGH All, ok I'm not an organic nut...yes I've done it (not just read Dier)..but when I made my soil I let it sit for 2 weeks before useing I said I'm not organic..but I think it should have sat for a week or two before useing.

    Flushing won't help...Transplant into something not so Hot (just some potting soil and what you have now) and grow from there...Don't care what anyone say's Organic's can burn.

  10. Organic grower here..I agree with the above poster..couldnt have put it better myself..

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