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  1. Black Leaf - Connector - Mouthpiece for Precoolers -

    Weed Star - Connector - Mouthpiece for Precoolers -

    Personally, I dont like attaching oversized pre-coolers to bongs. SO I would recommend a J-connector for really cheap, and turn it into a mix and match bubbler.

    what you need to be aware of is that the ash catcher is

    14.5 joint size.

    That bong you linked is


    Heres a bong that could fit it
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    I think that 100ml would tip if you add anything to it lol

    I do love their 250ml version though... might get one soon.
  3. What are you using the ash catcher with right now? I think if you attach it to a bong the water will be getting sucked into the lower chamber of the bong. The ash catcher seems a bit too small and seems like when your trying to hit it, it would stack too high and get sucked in. In this case, the best way to go is the J-hook like kliff said.

    Also, that bong is really not that great quality. I understand it's cheap and perc'd but I would suggest staying away.
    Google SSFG and find some real quality tubes for affordable prices. Showerhead perc tube w/ showerhead downstem is 150... really great quality and beats tree percs by over 9000.

    Anyways, it will work with that bong. The bong comes with a 18/14 downstem, which means yes the bong is 18.8, but the downstem will go into that 18.8 and make it a 14.5, so you're fine.

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