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    New user here.

    So this is what i have i am looking for suggestions.

    1 homebox xl AWESOME!!!
    400W hPS and MH Conversion Bulb
    DIY pyrex "Bake a round" cooltube "very easy ill post pics when all set up"
    DIY aeroponics system
    great beans god bud and blue dynamite from kind seed. fast shipping no isues so far.
    4x Aquafarms
    6 in 1 meter.

    exaust and intake fan etc....

    what im looking for is a great line of nutes i used general hydroponics then ive seen the advanced nutes challenges etc.

    im growing SOG and i want to use flowering clones so ill stay with a perpetual flowing room...i heard it can be done and this is my 3rd time around the first was organic in pots. second was SOG with sour diesel mothers. and this time im debating SCRoG or perpetual....

    Right now i have the seeds germing and i have some sour diesel clones im thinking of scrog them cause i only have 6

    i was thinking of using sensi grow A+B and the connaseur A+B what else should i add to the mix.
    I have the 3 part general hydro grow flora and micro but This time i have everything worked out i want to use a good heardy line of nutes.. ..
  2. Sounds like a winner to me.

    You could do just fine with the Sensi and Conni. I'd say start with that and add supplements as you see fit. Connoisseur is some awesome stuff, you don't really gotta add much of anything to it.

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