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    Which is gayer for a man? F*cking a man in the *ss or getting f*cked in the *ss by a man?
    I honestly think it's gayer to f*ck a man since you would have to get hard for that were as if you took it, you could just power through it without having to get aroused.

  2. I think it would depend on what they are wearing. Whichever one is wearing the ass-less chaps and barbed cock ring gets my vote. 
  3. Both equally gay
  4. fucking a man in the ass is gayer unless the guy getting fucked is being bareback gangbanged and bukkaked by multiple gay dudes, in which case he'd be gayer.  imo
  5. Chances are if a straight man is going to fuck another man in the ass, it won't be just for pleasure.. more like domination and humiliation. Power can get you just as hard as pleasure.
    Now if a straight man were to get fucked in the ass, he has another man entering his body for whatever reason. That crosses the gay line more. Most men growing up will stick their dick into something random, that's what we do.. but most men don't shove things into their ass.
    I am more curious as to how this turned into an actual argument..
  6. I think the gayest thing is being attracted to other men 
    sooo gay 
  7. Being penetrated is more feminine.
    So says human anatomy. 
  8. Neither of you will know unless you try it yourselves, come back with the results


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  9. it's the same. you generally dont get fucked in the ass unless you want to. or you're in prison.

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  10. I fucking lost it from reading this thread omfg roflmao
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    If a gay man raped a straight man.....although the straight man had cock in his was forced upon without his consent.....he surely couldn't be gay...but no one on earth could force you to stick your dick in a mans that's definitely gayer cos that person chose to do it!

    Although having cock in your ass seems absolutely more disgusting.

    Edit: on the other hand.....if the guy takin it the ass was a consensual partner to the act......then their equally just as GAY!
  12. Men having sex is gay unless there's a woman then it's bisexual
  13. Ask an inmate.
  14. I don't get it, what makes either one happy?

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  15. Whoever commits either act first after said incident between the two.
  16. The comments are killing me! Forget dwelling on world peace and focus your attention on this matter first. After we resolve this issue, next we will figure out what music artist eats the most White Castle Sliders. For the record, I have rocked 13 in one sitting. Just saying. And I can't play a violin to save my life.
  17. Girls have hands if I hold hands with her does that make me gay.
    A girls asshole ain't got shit to do with this argument. Pun intended.
  18. This thread.  :laughing:
  19. So did all this help you settle your argument?

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