Setting up SHOP in back of 41FT travel Trailer

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  1. Hello I'm going to be setting up a operation in a 41 FT. toy hauler recreational vehicle there is a back room closed off with door the back room is
    14FT. X 8Ft.

    I have done previous operations in the past but I have never had to set one up in a traveling Recreational Vehicle is a new adventure for me.

    The good thing is that the R.V. is fully equipped with a built in 5,500 watt. Oman Gold Gas Powered 35gal. Generator that is turned on by push of the button located inside the R.V.'s living room and is able to be turned on while driving down the road.

    the most important questions at hand is :

    1. What kind of Set - Up should i go with. Soil, Hydro, Aero, D.W.C

    2. Water how to keep water regulated in a atmosphere that is always changing

    3. The back end of the R.V. is where the set - up will be, this is also the most bouncy part of the R.V. how can I keep everything contained and safe.

    4. Smell, Smell, Smell, Smell. The people will be legal and only want a few plants under one 600Watt. system but they don't want to have any attention whats so ev brought to them for they are a elderly couple who travel and do have there cannabis cards but are very quite about it.

    i will be uploading pictures of sketches and layouts of the R.V. as well as pictures when I start the building project if people want to see one being built.
  2. This sounds awesome! /Subscribed! +rep!
  3. wow! deff subbed for this.

    at first thot id run NFT. DWC is to much water sitting around. that much mass when turning could be bad. inertia would keep the buckets constantly sloshing.

    tho soil would prob be the easiest idea. i think going soilless would be to badass to pass up
  4. I think if your going to go hydro I'd go aero with a closed reservoir and no dwc in the bottom.
    That way you don't have all the water sloshing around and it kept in a reservoir.
  5. Im for sure subscribed.

    My vote is for the soiless.

    Also, just an idea, but you could build a box and give it suspension ;)
  6. depending on the amount of travel, i would think you would have to go soil less or load your soil with mad amounts of perlite. I assume the constant vibrations and driving around would continuously be compacting the soil tighter and tighter. Just my opinion though.

    Off subject but do you HAVE to grow in a moving trailer. Are you a traveling salesman? Do you run a carnival? Are you not around enough to tend plants? I just think if your caught, on top of all other troubles, they might get you for trafficking. Now THAT would suck.

  7. @pnut420 - good point with the soil getting more and more compact!
  8. I say go aero, 2x 6ft 6 inch wide sealed pipes using 3in net pots, with 2 sprayers per plant. one foot spacing per plant.(with 1 foot at each end of the pipe aswell) this would give you 8 plants or have them as long as you need to accomodate how ever many plants they want. then mount them on the wall using tubing bracketry. (tin bands with holes through it for screws) mount your first pipe say 3 feet high, but angle your net pots out towards the room. now you want the the other end of the pipe mount to the wall straight accross then down 6". your going to do the same with the next pipe now, except you going to mount the high end 12" below the low end of the top pipe. now mount the low end of that pipe 18" down from the pipe above it. Now you will need to make a drain from your low end of your top pipe to feed into the sealed high end of your bottom pipe. next make a very well sealed hi flow drain, to drain into a sealed res mounted in the corner and is fastened to the walls using ratchet straps. you could do this with a single pipe as well. and make sure you do this on the 8ft wall so that it can be sealed of with mylar and panda film. I'm not sure if your going to be able to use an HPS or MH light because they use filaments and when there hot they will blow if there jarred and bounced around. you may have to use Fluoro's or LEDs for any setup in there. with whatever light you use, make sure it fastened to the roof AND floor or it will swing. the more mounts to the walls the less movement. as far as the smell goes, get a can/fan combo and have it mounted inside the room. mount the fan to the roof blowing up and out with the can mounted on the inlet side so that it pulls the air through the filter and pushes it out the roof into a higher air channel. you could also duct it from the grow room into the existing roof vent by running air ducting. put a duct muffler for more stealth.

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