Setting up for around £20 (small indoor set up)

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  1. :wave:
    A week into my random decision to grow Ive three sprouts. last week i randomly (While high) decided i didn't like paying for my weed and thought of myself as a born again Gardner!
    I ordered three seeds of RS special Kush number 1, for around £11 inc P&P.
    Then gathered information online about growing and went to buy some shizz. I bought some foil ( a shit load, I mean if i wanted i could make myself into a robot with the excess) some Duct tape, a Bag of John Innes 2 potting mix and 2 cool blue Cfls low watt (which are crap) a 117w 2700k cfl and a 3 medium pots (dont know what size as i tore of the label before checking) all this came to just under £8 and all came from Asda and Wilkinsons.
    The seeds came in the post the next day, i stuck them in a glass of water for 2 days in the dark (tap water left to stand for 24 hrs), then i did the whole paper towel routine and after 3 days all had popped. 2 of them had the roots curling abit but i managed to get them in OK, i made a whole with a match stick about a quarter of an inch them popped them in. while i was waiting for the seeds to pop i used a old wodden cabinet in my house about 3 and a half feet tall and covered the walls of it with foil (I know white paints better but in my haste i didn't read about this till after planting). I cut a 2 inch square from the back to fit my cables in for my lights and so the can clip on the side. I also lined the bottom of it with a plastic bag to stop any damp spots of leaks (I do this when i have my night time accidents too! lol) I shall post my pictures later. I know i am missing a fan but I am putting a old PC fan in next week.
    Like i said at the start i now have 3 babies tiny fragile but growing like a mother fucker! Ive also decided to Veg them in the sun on my window sill as my soft white bulbs are not so good.

    This whole thing is an experiment to see how cheaply you can grow indoors. I know with more money and more space you get better quality and much more buds,
    BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ITS UNFORTUNATE BUT WE ARE IN A RECESSION! make the most of what you got and grow with what you can.

    Until next time

  2. Update!

    Shoots are starting to get tall, about an inch and a half a few days ago. haven't grew since. Am i right in thinking the plants roots are growing a bit more then they'll resume growth? they look healthy. Ive been watering them lots but a little at a time, is this OK?


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