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  1. Hello guys im new to this site and new to the world of growing. Oh but how excited i am to get into this, but befor i do i just wanna make sure im not missing anything and get everything right. No need to fuck around and do shit half ass. So i figured id ask my question and see who answers and see what other people might wanna ask too ...

    This is what i got to set up tho:
    2 daylight 2ft florescent lights
    5ft long 4ft wide 8ft high closet (unvent and no elec) just 4 walls and a door

    i figure that is enough to start with, I was also thinking about getting a grow tent for flowering and just using the rest of my closet as the veg. i do plan on having a mother and cloning ... just learning experience but id like to set up to at least be ready.

    My main issue is i live in apt building, and i do have someone above me and im not sure if the wall to the right is connected. I will look more into my buildings layout. but could i just vent that room buy cutting a whole in the door placing a vent and putting a carbon filter. i just wanna make sure the smell wont seep through the walls . sorry for rambling just a little anxious
  2. i just thought of this but i saw someone wrap the room in 5mm poly and didn't have any problems with smell but they also had a carbon filter
  3. if you are worried about growing because you live in an apartment building...don't do it.

    someone had to say it.

    but ONA buckets and carbon filters work well to hide the smell
  4. I would suggest different lighting. Read the second link in my signature.

    as for the smell, carbon filters work extremely well, but sometimes dont work 100%. You need to get your security dialed in before you start this grow.
  5. thnx guys and i understand a carbon filter and the risk of neigbors ... but no balls no glory ... my concern is HOW can i vent a closed closet with a carbon filter? will i have to cut a hole in my wall for the hose to go out of? will i have to run the hose out of the the closet and across the room to a window? or do i just make a carbon filter and place it in the room?
  6. Yes, you will have to cut a hole in the cupboard. Has nothing to do with any windows either.

    Here is a little sketch I made a while back for someone - hope it helps.

  7. you could just have it vent into another room, or out the window. out of the window is sketchier in apartments, even with a carbon filter. are you sure you can cut holes in the door or wall in the apartment your renting?
  8. im not suppose to but i will probly just buy a replacment door that i can do what i please with... but this might end up being a no go for me. there are maitnaince guys that come through every so often and they will go as far as peeking there head in that room. Its only a spare room that were useing as storage and that closet is what i would be growing out of. regardless we do get warning 24 to 48 hrs in advance. but im just worried about a dryer hose and filter running across the bedroom floor if someone peeks there head in. im trying to make it not so sketchy. i have thought about just running it across my base bored and hiding it with boxes and such. maybe im jsut being paranoid, but i just wanna make sure i got most of the angles thought of .. sorry about the punctuation and grammer i just woke up and havnt even baked yet

  9. yea some hps is what i was planning on getting for flowering i havnt even germinated my seeds first. as you said need to get my security figured first ... thnx for the advice man
  10. Invest in a grow tent?
  11. Maybe build a grow box or do it micro in some rubbermaids? You could stack rubbermaids and have a good system actually. Maybe do a few rubbermaids, but also have pipes running between them for ventilation and one containing an ONA bucket. And paint their insides for opacity (black) and if you want for reflectivity after the black paint (white in this case). You can mount the lights with zip ties, might have to just get alot of CFL's though

    Or a grow closet would be pretty good.

  12. yea i have thought about getting a grow tent for veg and a bigger size for flowering. the one i was looking at for vegging is only 2x2x4 not so good for flowering once you get a light and fan and shit in there and then i can make a filter to just vent it all into the closet space with a carbon filter and i can fill the spare bedroom with random shit that changes the whole smell spectrum.
  13. build a grow cabinet that can be disguised as an end table or something, with a trap door.

  14. yea i have thought about doing something like that but i dont really have the tools or an area to build anything and besides the grow tent is only 50 bucks so im gonna jsut get one for now got a whole 10 weeks of veg befor i need a flower tent
  15. This is the tent I use, its cheap and extremely productive. Probably find it cheaper on ebay too. Any grow tent would be good. It's much more efficient that growing in the middle of a room, with no reflectivity.
  16. yea iv seen that one on i also found some on gah apparently my balls have yet to drop. i cant seem to get myself to ordering this shit. afraid it might come back on be some way idk. iv just heard stories of people being caught bc of receipts and pay with cc idk. im obviously a bit naive to the whole thing.
  17. there is nothing illeal about buying a grow tent. lots of people buy all the supplies needed for growing pot, for completely different purposes.

    is there a local grow store you could go to?
  18. yea that grow tent is bomb for growing indoor tomatoes if you live up north :D

    how could you get in trouble for ordering shit made for any fruit/veggie
  19. LOL yea your right ... i was just going a bit over bored i suppose. No grow stores really in my area i live in a party town on a beach. how much smell do those tents keep in normally just alone?
  20. probably not enough if your living in an apartment bro. vent it with a D.I.Y carbon scrubber or use an ONA bucket

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