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  1. Does anyone have smoke sessions anymore? I just moved to Addison and I'm trying to meet fellow tokers.
  2. no officer, usually just random tokeheads shooting up nug in public highway rest areas then proceeding to O.D while trying to carjack an innocent family, other than that we did away with the smoke sessions a while back...
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    Yah dude get on our level.. With cannabis, its nothing but needles now :)
  4. nah, but i have heard of private smoke clubs where you pay monthly membership dues and get to try out all the newest dankest strains in a lounge like environment with free booze and food. this one is in north hollywood in a secret room of a smoke shop.
  5. And this is how a GrassCity style robbery begins. 
  6. I am an old one in OK and wonder that often   People my age don't seem to be doing that much. Unfortunately until things change, I'm mostly always smoking by myself.
  7. That sounds really cool budbudgoose
  8. Smoke seshes are the best. Everyone gathers at someones house then everyone passes around bongs, joints or pipes while chilling out, chatting and listening to good music.
    Way better than smoking alone, in my opinion.
  9. I do, love smoking alone but it's nothing like smoking with my niggas
  10. Nah here in michigan we guzzle beer with nugs of kush down our ass on the go. Aint no one got time for sessions.
  11. I agree with 2nd poster, you're definitely a cop
  12. maybe the cop wants to get high?
  13. me has sessions all the time in my shed with friends lmao as for inviting someone random that's sketchy af XD
    maybe if its anything like Ontario you got some vapour lounges sitting around that would be a good spot to go sit down and hope to meet new friends lol

  14. I like hookah lounges so I mostly go alone because I don't have any smoker friends. Spend a lot of time blazing on my own.

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