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  1. So a little bit of background info, Im at a friends house, he used to throw a bunch of partys, that stopped after a huge brawl broke out infront of his house. Just from that his nieghboors kind of ya know, are suspicous of us. Were usually in the backyard smokin' and drinkin'. Sometimes well catch them looking at us out the window. We don't want any trouble with the cops so we smoke in the garage most of the time.

    We had about a 8 Person session goin with the garage cracked, were all blazin' and his next door neighboor's dog ( The window watchers ) gets out, first thing he does is run and bolt under the garage, were all like Oh Shit, the guy grabs his dog with out looking at any of us, in aviodance, were all kind of sitting there suprised and really high. Haha, awkard moment. More reasons for his neighboors not to like him.
  2. hahaha the dog went under the garage door into the garage where you were? If i was high i would freak out
  3. Meh, he just busted into your garage, he couldn't really say anything. Fuck him. He does know now, so if you piss him off he could just wait until he knows you're blazing and call the cops.
  4. Can't blame him, the dog wanted to get high :(
  5. ahahahah^^^
  6. dude ive heard your posts before about the window watchers. thats so gay, what in the hell are they hoping to accomplish by attempting to snitch on yall? yall arent causing any harm, so it shouldnt bother them (<--ben harper anyone?) Just because theyre old fucks who can have sex anymore to make their lives fulfilling doesnt mean they have to be bitter assholes to others. this bowl's in hopes that a meteorite hits theirs and anyone's house who makes it tough for people to enjoy peace.
  7. he just wanted some second hand smoke, he smelled the sweet dank burning from the other yard haha
  8. haha i hate shit like that when you are smoking...

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