SE's Weekly: So, what are everyone's thoughts on "Everbody draw Mohammad Day"?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 20, 2010.

  1. As many are surely aware, today is "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day", set in motion by the whole South Park episode and censorship controversy.

    Among other things, it has resulted in Pakistan banning YouTube and Facebook from the country.

    Out of respect for GC I'm going to ask that we not post pictures (as funny as they are) in this thread, and instead limit our discussion to non-picture based forms of communication.

    My view: I am reminded of when Pope John Paul the Great visited Poland for 9 days, and the Poles flocked to see him. It was a watershed moment leading to the fall of Communism, because for the first time the Polish people realized "There are more of us then there are of them."
  2. How about we draw Jesus and Mohammad in a 69? Then EVERYONE would be happy.
  3. Meh. People know the potential consequences by now. We all know that certain Muslims are willing to kill you for drawing their prophet, so why would you do it and then get pissed when they try to blow you up. I know some people see humor in making fun of them, but some people shouldn't be made fun of specifically because of how they ma or may not react.

    It's like that kid in high school that everyone makes fun of and picks on them for being weird and different, because it's amusing at the time. It's all fun and games however until they bring a weapon to school and start slaughtering you because they didn't like your jokes very much.

    Is that a reasonable response? By western societies standards it isn't, but Islam did not come from the West, and apparently some people think it's completely reasonable and justifiable according to their particular Holy book. The same as Euro-American acts are reasonable and justifiable by the Holy book of our Christian based society.
  4. I'm more interested in what those who think it's 'free speech' to to insult Mohammed, if someone drew something that offended them, and if they would retain their view on 'free speech'.

    But yea, I think draw Mohammed day is hilarious.

    [ame=]YouTube - Being Offended[/ame]
  5. I'm all for drawing mohammad, in fact I'll fo it right now.


    period, or mohammad from very far away?
  6. On one hand, it's rigoddamndiculous that people actually get offended by drawings in 2010, and it makes me worried about my species. On the other, BP's metaphor about fundamentalist Islam being the fat goth kid at school is apt. It's like poking a bear, except instead of claws, the bear has nukes and lots of suicide-bears. Theoretically I'm all for free speech, but it's unintelligent to intentionally provoke people completely willing to murder someone over trivialities.
  7. so are we trying to piss people off now, and then we get suprised when they blow shit up..

  8. The free bit kinda refers to being able to insult anything, thats the point, nothing should be free from criticism. If an idea passes criticism it holds more weight, thats how we evolve.

    I can't think of anything which would offend me, and even if there was something i wouldn't want to censor it. I suppose pop music offends me, but I just choose not to listen to it or take the piss out of it :p same with death threats.
  9. You infidels will not be laughing when you witness jihad in your bedrooms...

    Mahak Mabala Itsmala Ballah Kallah Spallah Allah is :mad:
  10. No, fuck them if they want to come ten thousand miles overseas to kill people because of something drawn on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. We're not making fun of them, we're making fun of their religion. Just as we make fun of Jews, Hinduists, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, etc :D Come on bro, if someone of the Islam faith wants to threaten me for drawing something I find humorous on a piece of paper I say fuck you, your prophet is Satan.

    This is much different. This is like a kid in an online class who is a control freak and starts spazzing out at the very idea of you having freedoms. Apparently, according to this extremely bigoted, short-tempered kid, you're not supposed to depict a man who is depicted as God by those who disallow depictions of him, because apparently he didn't want any depictions of himself.

    How this kid reacts is up to him. He has a variety of choices, ranging from simply not caring what a group of people who have never read his holy scripture think, or flipping shit and going super-Jihad on us. Anyways, why didn't the world freak out when this shirt came out:


    Oh the irony... :rolleyes:
  11. My point is, will these people who think it's 'free speech' to draw Mohammed in a point of protest and will they retain their ostensibly puritanical views of free speech when it comes to something they disagree with.

    Example, do they think it's O.K. to say a racial slur to a black mans face, or do they only believe in free speech when they feel oppressed? I think free speech is free speech, and should be absolute, but there aren't many people like me, and there's a ton of people engaging in DMD (Draw Mohammed Day). I realize their philosophical platitudes, I'm just questioning whether they're hypocrites or not.
  12. Lets bend over and kiss Islams ass and see how far that gets us. HINT: Look at what a shit hole Great Britain has become.
  13. islam can kiss my ass
  14. Poking fun at a pedophiliac religious lunatic is not the same thing as uttering racial slurs.
  15. Sure it is. Free speech is free speech. You either believe in free speech, or you don't, it's really that easy. Also, thanks for proving my point. :)
  16. I did not prove your point. Uttering racist remarks at somebody is NOT legal, nor should it be. The freedom to criticize religion is protected under the first amendment, but obviously the religion of Islam does not accept that.
  17. Drawing muhammad is a non violent protest to the suppression of free speech, the whines of muslims of depicting muhammad in a bear constume, for killing theo van gogh for making a movie critical of islam. it's a movement. when a religion wants to take over the free world, people must be there to stop it. Muslims cannot behead an idea, shoot a movement, or rape underage girls... wait. strike that last one.

    [ame=]YouTube - Drama hamad[/ame]

    sums up my opinion..

    As for Pakistan blocking youtube and facebook

    It only shows their intolerance for basic freedoms and pretty much just makes this muhammad movement stronger and speak louder.
  18. I'll abide by the rules of this thread: no pictures only words.

    Today I drew a picture Muhamed jumping a skateboard over a cop car. He had a blunt in his mouth and was wearing khaki pants and a wifebeater with a pot leaf on it. It was pretty cool.
  19. I am going to draw the shit out of him...literally. I think He will be running to the bathroom, but there will be a line with plenty of Jews and Christians conversing about how their wives are allowed to talk and show their ankles from time to time.
  20. Are people drawing pictures of Muhammad doing nasty things or something? I really don't know, but if they're just depicting him doing some arbitrary bullshit then I don't see what the big deal is.

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