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  1. I work for a large retail bookstore chain in Los Angeles, and many of our clientele are very peculiar. Last year, a man walked up to an information booth to let the clerk know that he just stepped in some feces in the children's section. A manager was alerted, and an inspection of the floor revealed little pieces of poop all over the floor. He had our store security check the in-store surveillance cameras, which immediately showed the man who complained walking around the store with a little bag of human poop, depositing it all throughout the floor. By the time this little fact was realized, the 'customer' had already left.

    edit: some of the poop had corn in it
  2. I just darndanned.
  3. haha suckers
    you'll never catch me, poop distributer man
    when you think your walkin alone in a dark alley im sneakin up behind you leaving a little poop trail
    when you think ur all alone at home im in ur living room spreadin tiny peaces of turd on ur carpet
    when your walkin down the street and step on some poop then look around hoping nobody saw im behind that tree with a smirk across my face
    yes I am poop distributer man feel my wrath
  4. Im so fucking confused. Just WTFuckingF
  5. LMFAO WTF! That's so random.
  6. Some people REALLY have issues.
  7. What the fuck compels people to do things like that?
  8. i am listening to "one of us" by joan osbourne. reading it while hearing this song made my mind assume is was going to be a touching story. when it wasnt i laughed really fucking hard.
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    My mind assumed you were going to mention the Jonas Brothers.

    When I read it, it turned out to be Joane Osourne, thank God.
  10. That was fucking hilarious, thank you.
  11. haa. its weird how we read one thing but see another.
  12. People might be grown up, but immaturity stays with you
  13. Im gonna avoid philosofying your ass.

    All Im gong to say is yeah, I agree, and it happens because every individual has a uniquely molded thought process.

    so peace,god bless, and ftw.
  14. Everyone else is sayin it so I will...that's fucked!

    That's too weird to not be true.
  15. Ok, that was pretty odd.
  16. Lol omg that shit just made my fucking day!
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    Well just think if he leaves little poop trails every place he goes he wont ever get lost:confused_2:

    its just a more digested form of bread crumbs...and corn...
  18. Thats weird.....Now that I think of it, I lost my bad of poop :(

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    Damn. We need to catch this weirdo. He's probably going all over Los Angeles, placing tiny chunks of fecal matter whatever he goes. You should alert the media over this.

    What do you even charge this guy with, if you catch him? Littering with poo?

    This dude is nasty and probably stinks like hell. He's considered armed and smelly.

    Edit: He didn't really steal anything, but I think we should call him the Shitty Bandit.

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