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  1. K so i got 20 seeds from a seed depot in Vancouver for a good price. When i got home i threw em in wet paper towel and waited. After 1 day, 15 had sprouted. So i moved those to into those seedling plastic multi pot thingers. I used jiffy starter soil. Add water and the soil expands. Anyways, 14 plants pocked their heads out 2 days later. So this is day 3. Ive noticed flies around my house. Day 4, theres flies everywhere in my house. Day 5, 10 plants are dead, the soil reaks of ammonia and my grow room in packed full of flies. So yeah im pissed.

    Okay so a roundup is what the hell happened. The soil pellets were in a brand new sealed bag. So where did the flies come from? Why are my plants dead? And why does the soil smell of ammonia?

    Ive grown before so im not a newbie, but im new to this. Any ideas?

  2. give us a little more info? where are you growing, does your space have adequate ventilation for air exchange. I have no idea where the ammonia smell comes from but the flies might be from over watering compounded with temps to high.

    When the soil reaches above 75-80 bugs start coming around.
  3. Im growing under the stairs right now. |I dont have air exchange set up right now. Just air circulation. Im running 2 26watt cfls atm so temps arent the problem. I cant really transplant yet either cause theyre soo young

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