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Seriously need to take a break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DFlo, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, first of all let me just say that I'm NOT one of those stoners that always says that they're gonna quit for a while and then blazes up again the next day, I'm really serious about this.

    I've been a heavy weed smoker for about 4 years now, since I was 15, and it has became a vitality that I smoke before night or my mind will just be racing all night and I won't get a good nights sleep whatsoever, I'm currently unemployed so it's also tight on money, but because my main focus for the last god knows how long has just been to syacrape up enough money to get a smoke for the day/night, until I've got that sorted I would be in a pretty edgy mood. It has also made me so unmotivated, so I think I need to take a good few months off and sort my life out before I can smoke again.

    The problem with me is I'd think whats the point in me looking for a job today? I need to find a way to get some weed, even if I did luckily find a job in a day, I still wouldn't get paid for a month, that won't provide a smoke for me tonight will it? Lol, it's a bad way to think and that's why I need to quit, to get some natural motivation back!

    I just wanted to pick up a few tips from you guys on what I should do in my free time whilst not smoking, I know I should avoid doing things that I do when usually blazed and not hang around with people who are always tokin', but I'll still find so much time alone to myself (A lot of friends are either working/college or busy doing something else lots of the time) and boredom really does get to me, I'm a REALLY impateient person and get restless very easily, the main problem for me is bedtime though, on a normal night I will stay awake till 4am earliest just chilling out (I enjoy the quiet and cosyness knowing that everyone else is asleep and I'm just sat chillin'/blazing ect) but without smoke these times would just be so boring for me and I'd really like some new stuff to do.

    I know I've probably answered my own question but just want some feedback and tips/hint from your guys personal experiences, maybe even chat with some other people who are currently taking a break from it or something, sorry if the post was a bit big but thanks for reading if you have! :)
  2. Trying to quit is not as easy as it may sound, i agree. u should distract yourself, if you don't have a job then go get one because if you keep telling yourself you want more weed then nothing is going to happen and your not going to live out your life the way you planned. Just have sex alot, play video games, maybe smoke more cigarettes, drink energy drinks to keep you energized because when you get lazy and bored your going to want to smoke up haha. I don't try to quit because i know getting a job has nothing to do with me smoking up or not. Dont get stoned cause your bored, get stoned cause you enhance and feel good about the things u know are hard to feel good about sober. lol i hope this helped
  3. Also there is a t break thread. I would make a list of shit you need to get done starting with a job and knock shit out left and right. It's a, great feeling to get a lot of shit accomplished and after a few things are done it will hopefully motivate you to get more shit done. The hardest part is getting started. This is with everything, in trying to quit tobacco tomorrow and exercise but I know a week straight to the gym will motivate me but the hardest part is starting off. Good luck blade, you can do it. : wave:
  4. Just find a job homes and get high after work every night of your life. :) no breaks necessary.

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