Seriously need help with reverting back to veg.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by apoundedorifice, May 12, 2011.

  1. My plant is in the middle of week 6 of flowering, and I was wondering if there is a possibility of it reverting back to veg because of the light times.

    Im growing outdoors in florida and the day lengths are slowly approaching 14 hours. Its going to get to just below 14 hours then start going back down.

    What I want to know is if 14 hours will put my plants back to the veg stage? And if so how can I tell if they are going back to veg and not flowering.

    Thats what I really need to know, I know its somewhat of a guess of whether they will go back or not, because theyre bagseed and I have no idea what kind of plant it is.

    So what should I look for to decide whether its going back to veg or not??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  2. If it starts growing 3 leaf sets instead of 5. And the buds stop plumping out.
  3. Well as of right now, its growing both 5 and single leaves, which is really weird, but the buds are still growing at a steady rate, so I think its fine for now.

    Does anyone know the chances of 14 hours of light putting it back in veg?

    I can always throw one of those thick dark trash bags over it at 12 hours, but thats pretty risky, as people may see me walking out to them with a big ass trash bag..
  4. This is my question too, but you worded much better:smoke: June 21 will be 13hrs and 57min here. I hope someone can answer this for us.
  5. Yeah, I think its the same for me, it gets to just below 14 then starts to lower.

    I really want to know, because the one plant is supposed to be done in june, and it would suck ass if I had to wait longer to harvest that one..
  6. i believe the general growth may slow some due to the fact that they grow most in darkness, however i doubt the actual daylight hours would affect it alot. an auto flower would be done in june perhaps but the bagseeds may take the entire season to finish. to finish one sooner than others is an indoor concept. outdoor plants react to the real envronment and will stay in a good state of veg for a long time and only flowering when nature triggers it. if pot has been successfully grown outdoors where you are at then youll be fine. you may just have to be patient and wait the season out! -d-
  7. Well, Im hoping for the one to be done in june, because I started it a lot earlier than the others, week 13 of flowering for the one is the last week of june, so I was hoping it would be done by then or sooner.

    The others are just starting show signs of flowering and will obviously take longer to finish.

    The plants that I got flower automatically, generally because the day times are usually less than 12 hours here in florida. Im hoping that maybe the ones that just got planted will stay in veg until june and maybe a bit into july because of the longer days though..

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