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  1. Ok, a little background information for you:

    I live in a boarding school in the UK. I don't actually go to the school there, but I get a bus every morning to college (that's the last two years of high school for you Americans, not University). So, for me, my boarding house, and my school have nothing to do with eachother. Now... here's my story.

    Since the start of this term (semester, or whatever) me and my room-mate Matt have been toking up on site (the boarding school site). We were as discreet as we possibly could have been, and everything has been quiet since it started about a month ago. On Monday, I invited my real good friend Kirsty (15) and her friend Liam (13 or 14) to come for a joint with us. Kirsty provided the hash, and I rolled up a joint for them. Just after we finished I got a phonecall from my house-parents and they were asking where I was, and if I was with Liam. I said yes, and that was that.
    On Tuesday, I was called into my house-parents office and when I got there, Mr Davies was there, and he is the vice-principal at the boarding school. I sat down, and he asked me, "Where were you yesterday?", so I told him where I was, and then who I was with. Then he said, "What were you doing?", and this is where I started to think he knew about the tokin'... so, he dropped a few more hints about what he thought we'd been doing and eventually, I told him. He has this policy, where if you tell him what you've done before he tells you what you've done, you get off lighter. Sort of, Quid Pro Quo.
    I covered up for Kirsty, saying it was my hash, so as she wouldn't get expelled, because she has nowhere else to go.
    Matt, Kirsty and Liam are now suspended for two weeks.
    I've been expelled from the boarding school. But, I still get to go to the same college because my parents don't live far and I can get the train.

    Basically... not a good day for me.

    Do you think I did the right thing covering up for Kirsty, or should I have ratted on her and gotten her expelled instead of me?

    Sorry about the length, and lathargic nature of my post... I feel like shit.
  2. hey- don't feel like shit. i know it sucks but i think you did the right thing. i would of done the same. that was really nice of you to put yourself on the line for someone else. it's over now. just do your sentece and move on. i understand how you feel though. it's a rotten feeling but you did a good thing in a bad situation. sucks you got expelled it's done now, nothing u can do, just move on. good luck!
  3. Simply put, the conswquences would've been much worse for her than you, and you knew that at the time, and did the right thing.

    *sends a good karma fart in D9's direction*

    Good for you man. Although I don't think it's a good idea for people that young to be smoking, or for someone to be smoking with them.

    What do your parents think about this? Did they know about your toking prior to the incident?
  4. Thanks for the happy words guys, they're much appreciated :)

    My mum knows I've been tokin' for some time now, but she was still pissed with me. My Step-Dad didn't know, but he is away for a while.... but when he gets back... oh dear.

    I haven't told my mum that I was covering for my friend though, because she wouldn't understand, and she'll just try to get me back in the boarding house and my friend out.

    Teachers at college are suggesting that I move to a college closer to home, but fuck that, it's half an hour on the train, no big deal.
  5. how'd he find out that ya'll were smoking?
  6. Well, it was only a boarding comunity of 500 people or so, and people tend to know everything about everyone. Words just travel I guess, and he found out.
  7. Cool move, D9! That was a noble thing you did.

    I just really hate that you had to take a hit for it...that sucks...but since you did something so good, I'd say something really good is going to come right back to you.
  8. She wants to fuck me :D

    I lurrrrrrve karma!!!!
  9. I think what you did was the best thing, it is better to get fucked than to be a rat
  10. Haha, indeed :D
  11. sucks for ya...i would have backstabbed.
  12. That was a very good gesture on your part and I'm surprised to see that human nature does not always win. What you did was very noble and you should be proud of your ethics...

    However, if I were in your shoes I would have waited until he got his points out because if you think about it, is there anything worse than gettin expelled from school? But that's me and this is America so I wouldn't know about England.

    Good to hear you are alright bro.

    peace and happy tokes
  13. i commend u on ur actions my friend. i just hope ur friend realizes and appreciates what u have done for her.

    .it just wasnt your day....we all get those.

    keep on tokin.............
  14. Pretty cool man, Those qualities will follow you forever as long as you keep putting them out there for everyone to admire and oggle over
  15. yeah man, i feel what you did, have the support of muah if you need it. I have a short story of someone no sucking up the trouble and fuckin' blaming it on me. me and my friend went out one night in his dads truck, which his dad didnt know we took. and blazed in the bed of the truck. Now that were stoned and toasty i put his little piece on the dash board by the kid. he gets the bright idea to go do doughnuts in a field and while spinning around, the pipe flys somewhere under the seats. We forget about the piece until the next morning his parents call me up and fucking yell and shit at me, asking why i made this kid unlock the truck and blaze in it after the kid told me not to. i basiclly told the parental figures togo fuck themselfs, fucking scared the shit out f the kid that day. Man i was pissed off... that kid is going to get what he deserves, eventually.....
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  16. You should cut off his balls and stuff them up his arse.

    And give him a backhand. He doesn't deserve the smooth side.
  17. ill cut off your balls and shove those and my balls in your mouth!
  18. i have a question... why did u get expelled?? what is because u were smoking on site?? or because u were smoking at all... and i agree with Dr.Jekl ... i would have denied it till i would have gotten expelled... probobly the only evidence he had against u ways the circumstancial evidence from word of mouth... and if he would have dont tests on you... u could have just said that u smoked a spliff a while ago somewhere else... u should have denied it.. and when he told ya what u did.. u should have told him to prove it... and i bet he wouldnt be able to... and have no choice but to let you go...this works as long as u dont have anything on u..

    i have been caught up in the same situation when i got busted at school.. they go me while high though... so they broke me easily... and now when i look back.. i realise there were only two reasons i got busted.. #1 because they had circumstancial evidence #2 They found a pipe on me... then for the same reason as u ... i admited it.. hoping for a lighter sentance... that lighter sentence shit.. is bullshit

    If i woulda been smart then... i shoulda tossed the pipe(had several very good chances) and denied it completely.. and i would have gotten off...

    oh.. and D9... two names to add are Cheeba and Budha
  19. Yeah, I realised that pretty shortly after I got expelled. I've learned a lot from all of this.

    I can't believe I forgot Cheeba and Buddha!!!

    Oh... and Mr Joker... do us all a favour and jump in front of a moving train.
  20. Well i'm proud of you....taking the rap for someone else is the ultimate price to pay....however you did the right'll be known as the dude who took one for the team.....i was allways brought up with being taught, never grass...not even on you're worst enemy....get even by all means....but never grass.......if you grass on someone in my area, you'll allways be known as a grass and it will never leave you, and people will be weary of telling you or confiding in you for anything.......well done D9_THC......Peace out...Sid

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