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  1. So let me start this out by saying I have 0 experience in growing bud, but one day I just said fuck it and I put the seeds that fell out of my bud into a little bad with wet paper towel and a few started to sprout. I took those and put them each in a solo cup filled with dirt from my sunflower garden outside and stuck the cups on top of my fish tank light in front of a window. I know all this pretty wrong, but I'd like to make a nice diy set up for them. I know its probably ambitious but since I have a bunch of fish tank equipment such as heater, air stones and extra tanks and lids I could maybe do a hydro set up? I have no clue so constructive criticism would be pretty cool :)
  2. I have no experience with hydro I just wanted to comment that your profile pic is awesome
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  3. Well the seeds will probably herm or be males since most seed bank feminize their seeds. You may as well clone the plant that the bud came from (just clone it).
  4. If you dont know how to grow invest a few hours of research in growing it will be worth it.
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  5. If you cant afford to have a proper setup indoor start outdoor
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  6. Cfls dont really cut it
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  7. I don't think you can do hydro because you have already planted them in soil.
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    spend lots of time on here, most questions you may have will be answered on this site. But as mick said, once its in soil, you really can't put it in water. And, bagseed almost always carry a hermie trait, so proceed with caution.
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