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  1. Whats your fav Series? Here are some of my favs

    The Wire
    Its always Sunny
    Eastbound and Down
  2. Seinfeld
    Arrested Development

  3. Ah how could I forgot Seinfeld!
  4. Boardwalk Empire is pretty kick ass...anyone watching?
  5. 1. Dexter 2. Men of a certain age 3. Walking dead
  6. Sons of Anarchy
    Stargate Universe
  7. Are you looking for a serious series or just a series? I am currently on Skins and Life As We Know It.
  8. not per say serious just the good ones!
  9. I wish I had HBO down here!!!

    I heard so many good things about boardwalk empire..
    They wanted to film this on the boardwalk of my old hood, Asbury Park...the town turned them down..I dunno why..Asbury needs the love!!!

    I'm also missing East Bound and Down!!!

    Always Sunny In Philadelphia should def be added to the list!!!
  10. haha Always sunny is on there..I'm an ass. :p

  11. Aw your really missing out with Eastbound down =( sorry to hear! I love Asbury Park! My cuz plays at the Stone Pony a lot! They are coming out with a movie called exit 102 its all about Asbury park!
  12. keep the thread up to date on Exit 102..I'll never hear about it down here in the swamp they call Florida.

    If anyone wants to know the real Jersey Shore, turn off MTV and take a trip to Asbury Park!!!

    732 forever!!!

  13. I gotcha!
  14. Prison break. The sheild. Harpers island
  15. I like SOA.
    Damages is by far my favorite serious series.
    And that won't even be back until 2012 they said!

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