Serious question: The more wind the better?

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  1. I'm building my grow room indoors. I keep the thermostat on around 75 degrees and it stays about 73 degrees in house according to my thermometers. So under my lights, my grow room shows it is 84 degrees, which is too hot as I understand it.

    So I wonder if more fans would take care of this? Can you have too much wind in your grow room? Since plants feed on oxygen, the more wind the better? Thanks!
  2. 84 is nothing to panic about, I move a TON of air in my small space ... I think others would need more info about your ventilation maybe some pictures ...
  3. MORE FANS WILL ONLY TAKE CARE OF THE TEMP PROBLEM IF YOU ARE MOVING THE HOT AIR (sorry for the caps) out of the grow room, or moving cold air INTO the room. if you only add fans, it will only move the hot air around
  4. 84 is fine not optimal but fine
  5. the only problem when it gets above 80 I have noticed is the bugs like it more... which just means it can be a hassle, but the plants can grow.
  6. 84 is fine specially if you're using CO2. IF you are then you're easily good to early to mid90s providing you're keeping your CO2 at 1300-1500 ppm.
  7. Moving warm air is not the answer. That will cause plants to increase transpiration. That puts more stress on plants, sucks up more water and causes humidity to increase. Deadly cycle can only get worse in a closed environment. Vent warm air out and suck cool air in. Use a hooded light with glass seal and in line duct fan. Warm moist air also creates an ideal place for every bad insect and will cause mold problems. I grow in my garage room and temps drop into the forties on off light cycle. Light cycle temps are in low 70's. I think low temps give more color and vitality to plants.

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  8. what is that picture for?

  9. Thats a real nice picture. What strain is it?
  10. Add intakes or a stronger exhaust fan, you need to be moving more fresh cool air through your grow space.

    And plants need CO2, not oxygen (at least above the soil).

  11. i read this thread last night, and was wondering how long the oxygen statement would go before somebody caught it. Toasty wins!!
  12. I'm something of a newbie here but I'm building a couple of serious grow boxes. I'll post a new thread with a step by step as it's being built. I could use all of the advice possible. Any link to a good co2 system for soil grow? I'm waiting to learn hydro a bit down the road but I'd like to look at co2 anyway.

  13. Hey Greenfrog- how are those low night temps woring out for you?
    I'm freaking right now because my nights are dropping to the low 60's during my test runs, and I am targeting a minimum of 70.

    80 is my magic high temp number, anything over that and my forehead wrinkles:devious:

    I should add that this is my first grow and I'm test running the flower box trying to dial in these temps. So the high and low temp goals are my NOOB goals.


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