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serious question about smoking HElP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tivaman, May 16, 2006.

  1. Ok well I know my dad smokes pot ALOT.
    and he doesnt know that i smoke. and he doesnt know that I know he smokes.
    Is there a way to bring it up with him. I have never caught him in the act or anything but i know where his stash is and all.( yes I pinched form it a few times) he still has no idea i dont think. when we talk about drugs and stuff he just kinda denies it. not that ive accused him either. although i know back in his day he did shrooms acid all that shit. (thanks to his friends stories)
    Is there a way to bring it up?
    his birthday is next month and I kinda would like to get him a nice piece or a sac or something.
    so what should i do?
  2. id try to bring it up when you know he is smoking or about to light up (so you catch him red handed) see how he reacts to you truely knowing he smokes. if he doesnt take kindly to you knowing....dont tell him you blaze, but if you get a cool vibe then id say ask him for a hit (or offer to smoke him out).

    my dad smoked (he still might, but do to some issues i dont see him anymore) and he knew i smoked (i've sold him sac's before) he offerd me to smoke w/him, but i said no...... i dont know but to me thats too wierd (smokin w/my dad)
  3. i think i good way to bring it up would be to watch a movie with him like half baked or harold and kumar go to white castle or some movie about gettin high and see what he says

    i knew my mom smoked for forever but i didn't let her know that i did for a long time but she kept finding my bongs and i ran out of excuses so i admited it and we were cool about it but when i actually smoked with her it was awkward but since then i sold her every sac she's had and i got her a nice pipe and bong
  4. My dad and I used to blaze a joint out on the porch then either sit out there and listen to music or go in the house and fire up the home theatre with some concert dvd's. Good times. Tried showing my mom how to toke a few times since she has all these medical problems, but she got sick once and it was a real buzz killer. Usually she laughs at how I act when I'm stoned so I try not to do it around her anyway.
  5. Yeah man I hear ya. I don't think I'd really enjoy blazing with my pops.
  6. yeah it was just strange when my dad offered to pass a joint, because at the same time he was a lil paranoid (im sure from the weed, because he just started smokin again...after years) and at the time : my friends and i always had to keep it a secret from (my friend's) other parents....but my dad was chill:eek: :smoking:
  7. i think the best way to approach him would be like the previous person said, right when hes about to blaze pop out of the closet and yell "SURPRISE!!!". well.. maybe not yell surprise.. but jsut catch him in the act and be really cool about it.i was fortunate enough to have my dad approach ME about this issue. my dad is the reason i am now a full blown toker and i have never seen a relationship with a parent be as good as the one myself and my dad have. smoking pot has brought us much closer. :hello:
  8. Yeah, I have this same problem. Although I am totally upfront with my parents and just came out and said "I smoke weed"...what? you wanna fight about it :p. Still I don't talk to my dad about him smoking, dunno why, I think I'm gonna ask him. If catching him in the act is possible then that would work as an ice breaker. If not then I would just talk to him straight up, and tell him you know. If he does smoke a lot then I bet he would feel a lot better to know that you know and are totally ok with it, because of the fact that he believes you don't smoke he is probably very careful and cautious when he smokes. Bringing things out in the open will probably put your mind and his mind at easy.

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