Serious Case of Clawing Leaves, Please HELP!!

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  1. Hey guys, I think ive waiting too long to put up this post. I need to fix this clawing of my leaves and I cant figure out whats causing it.

    I'm about 6 weeks into flowering and it seems to be going real slow, although this is my first grow so i dont know what to expect.

    They rest of the plant seems healthy, except for the roots which ive been getting under control I think. They keep turning brown and slimy after adding nutes then they go back to begin better at the end of the week.... heres my specs...

    system : hydro, 8 gal res
    air stones: 3 air stones, 2 air pumps (1 20 gal and 1 30 gal)
    The roots hang in the water, however they seem to grow better not as much in the water, so there is about a 2.5 inch area where the roots hang in the air in the res

    lights: 3 100w CFLs (30k, 45k, and 60k)

    box : grow box, lined with mylar, I have my ac on with duct going into the box to keep the temp low.

    temp: stays around 78F
    res temp: been trying to keep it down as much as possible, stays around 70-75f

    ph: 5.7
    ppm : 700, although next week in going to give it a full dose of nutes, should raise

    nutes: GH micro and bloom(switched nutes 2 weeks ago, although clawing as remained the same, i started with 1/2 dose last week, this past week has been 3/4 dose and this next meal will be full, tomorrow im going to clean res and give her the full dose)

    plant: papaya (seeds from nirvana)

    heres pics of the clawing and stuff, any suggestions/comments would be great. thanks guys


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  2. Sorry guys i added wrong pic of drooping, its mostly bad at the top... hes a better pic

  3. It looks to me like classic nitrogen burn. Are the leaves deep green and kinda crispy almost?

  4. I can't stress this enough... if you're using GH... use the Lucas Formula. Either the simple formula or the advanced.. your choice.

    It's SOOOO simple and the plants freaking LOVE it. :)

    Total noob my first time and the plants were fantastic can't recommend it highly enough.
    USE RO WATER. Unless you have pretty good tap water and ya let it sit for a day before using it?
  5. thanks for responses guys:

    kamel: yes they are almost crispy, is there any change to turn them around at this point? Heard any good remedies for nitrogen burn?

    Hydro: yea, im going to do locus formula today or tomorrow when i clean the res. and yea ive got my tap water which is pertty good, sitting out
  6. Excellent! You'll be very happy and so will your plants! :D
    Lucas did an AMAZING amount of work to get that just right LOL Love how effective it is for everyone. :)

    Let us know (of course)
  7. Alright, just cleaned res and gave it a full meal of Lucas formula. I guess we will see what happens, I'll post more pics soon.
  8. She'll turn around, and flowering should pick up speed too. N toxicity slows flowering, that's why you don't have much going on after 4 weeks.
  9. Thanks kamel - I hope she turns around too... Im curious as to if its getting too much N how will the nutes help it? Wont it just be adding more N? I wonder where all this N came from if I was giving low amounts of nutes?

    Appriciate all the help guys.
  10. Most likely your mix was off. Though low in str it was unbalanced and the plant was able to suck up nitrogen faster than anything else.

    Now that you're using the Lucas Formula all nutrients are available equally. Your plant can now suck up all nutrients in the amounts it needs and will just use that excess nitrogen in the leaves for a growth spurt. (they may stretch a bit...)

    May take a couple days but you're going to see a drastic improvement. MJ loves the Lucas Formula LOL!

    This it the problem we all run into when using hydro... the plant can't selectively suck up JUST water so it will draw in excess nutrients while trying to quench it's thirst. (The reason I'm playing with soil/hydro combination)

    Remember to post pics! :D

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