serious 1st time grower question.

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  1. thursdy i witnessed the signs of a female plant i was growing no i was curious as to how long from the time i see the signs of a female plant does is take for the buds to fully develop? and what kind of timed light should i be giving it i hope these pics i send can do some justice take a look and any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks again smoke on smokers!!!!!!

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  2. wrong area of the forum.

    This is general outdoor growing.

    you need indoor growing.


  3. it has been outdoors since it was a seedling monkey dont question my question can someone please help me
  4. Put it back outside then, and when the sun goes up and down, there's your light cycle! As for the rest of your questions, try reading some FAQs or the grow guide in this forum.
  5. once it starts flowering it will take between 6-10 weeks to finish.
  6. when should it go indoors and what kind of fert should i use to make it a bigger yeild if thats the term
  7. If it's been outside then the cycle of day/night already started the flowering process and you can keep it outside to finish, I suppose you can bring it indoors for the 12/12 effect like the indoor growers use, but make sure they get complete darkness inside.
    As for ferts, I'm using two, FoxFarms Big Bloom and MG's Bloom Booster. You want something made for flowering and not veg, so a high P in the NPK ratio.
  8. haha monkey eh.

    Learn to write proper english.

    Learn to take pictures.

  9. DJ money-
    every thread ive seen you on, you have been an asshole on at least one occasion.....
    just go read some stickys
  10. well then stop reading my threads jackoff
  11. I come here to look for some information (thanks to ALL of the journal creators and such), and I constantly see the same type of guy (with like 420, ebonics, or $ in their name) who doesn't want to do ANYTHING but throw a seed and water once a month. Then he asks the same question the guy 5 posts down asked with the same REALLY shitty grammar.... total waste of everyones time, including the moron and just starts an argument...

    sigh.. USE SEARCH FFS and use your brain to research!

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