Septum piercing opinions?

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  1. I just got mine done two days ago. Who else has one or likes them and if you dislike them....why?
  2. i bet you're going to regret it when your nose really fuckin itches lol!
  3. You will look like a bull. I hate them I think they look nasty. This is coming from someone who used to have snake bites and gauges
  4. dude looks badass
  5. i looked for the most punk bull i could xD
  6. I pierced mine with a safety pin outside a punk show 12 years ago. They are bad ass but I have a beard now and get tangles in it so I haven't worn it in years but the hole never closes

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  7. I think it looks gross and I divert my eyes when seeing shit like that. No offense, but you did ask.
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    Just got mine done a week ago and I adore it. 
    Warning: for those of you that think it's so disgusting, you might want to not look at the pictures. (;
    The piercer was an apprentice but it turned out pretty good. My only issue was that she put a 14g in, and the actual diameter of the thing was so big that it bumped my lips constantly, and made it hard to eat, drink, and talk. It kept bleeding and remained sore so I had to switch it on the 2nd day, otherwise it wouldn't have healed. It honestly hurt so fucking bad; I didn't cry getting it pierced, even though that hurt like a bitch, but I cried like a little girl switching it because it was so sore and I had to basically tear off the scabs. I made sure to clean it really good though, and now a week later it's healing up nicely.
    I have a 16g in it now, because a 14g was a little too big for my taste. Its snug and tiny (5/16), which is also what I wanted. :) I can't wait until it's healed so I can put in a seamless ring, so it's a complete circle all around. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it so far. 
  9. i am way to much of a pussy to do that. i think it looks fucking bad ass if done right and kick ass jewelry is worn. i have seen a few mr ed's though so buyer beware.
    if you have the stones or the ovaries to rock that shit, then rock that shit! :metal:
    a 70s rocker ..
  11. It's an 80's punk rocker 
    it's a blend of the two.  70s hair with 80s nose jewelry.
  13. Have you put in a retainer? It'll never heal unless it can heal straight (I used just a straight barbell for my healing process).
  14. I think that septum piercings are awesome and sexy. I would get one my self if I wasn't afraid of keloids

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  15. I'm 26, I've had my septum pierced and stretched since i was17. My septum is at a 6. I had it at a zero a few years ago but I let it shrink up a bit. I'm a father of 3 an I have great job. I think your septum looks beautiful. Keep rocking it lady!!
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    Ayye septums with cute jewelry is my shit. <3 
  17. I think they look cool.
  18. I have my septum pierced, I love it.  
  19. I pierced my septum a few years ago though I don't have it anymore. It didn't hurt when I did it. I think girls with septum piercings are sexy.
  20. I had mine done twice (first time took it out bc it was too low, second was perfect but took it out and it closed during wisdom teeth surgery.)

    I liked that I could hide it if I wanted to. It hardly hurt, honestly one of my lobe piercings has hurt and given me more problems than my septum. One of the easiest piercings IMO. Just gotta keep it clean, but that's easy unless your finger is up your nose all the time

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