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  1. hey guys, so this girl ive been talking to got her phone and facebook away. im not sure if she can hang out either so the only way we can talk now is in the halls at school before class. we arent dating or having a thing yet but im pretty sure she likes me and i like her.

    i just wanted to ask for the blades with personal experience, do you think this seperation will just end up bad and have things not work out? im hoping that itll kind of bring us closer together. all opinions are very much appreciated. we are on vacation now and so i wont see her until next week.
  2. Just talk to her more at school. And it's only a week.
  3. if she does like you, then the time away from you will make her realize it.
    the only way it would end badly is if she never liked you to begin with.
    if she likes you, she'll wait.
    she's the one who got all her shit taken away and is on vacation, so honestly, she should be the whose worried about you.
    and if she can't wait a week for herself , to get ungrounded, then she was never worth it to begin with
  4. thanks. I will be talking to her at school more often definitely and I've realized I haven't been very flirty so I'm gonna start doing that. I'm thinking the time apart will just have her more anticipated to see me so it'll be good.
  5. Jesus man, stop pussy footing around and man the fuck up.

    Approach that bitch, chat with her and lay your scent to mark your territory.

  6. yes you're right. I was telling myself this earlier today.
  7. You got it man!!

    Hope it all works in your favor!

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