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  1. I've noticed that when I'm high, it's very easy to differentiate between instruments, and I finally figured out why! When I'm high, the sound of each instrument originates from a different point in my head. Instead of the collective sound of all instruments together, I can hear each instrument, individually, coming from a different point in my head.
  2. If you get high enough, you can "see" the instruments in closed-eye visuals.
  3. Words can not express how happy and proud I am. Lol.

    Someone's learned how to do it right. Self reflect and evaluate when youre stoned, think and be creative. Music helps with that a lot.

    Yeah try to get so baked that you can accompany visuals to sounds.
  4. This is true, I've been doing this with music before, not high. Now I've been going back and listening to everything while high and getting a whole new perspective! It's awesome

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    Huh... I understand the differentiation becoming easier, but in that way exactly.. Weird. When my buddy gets out of work and smokes with me I'll jam out and see if I can feel it...  :metal:
  6. It's not that mind blowing, it's just stereo. Stereo was designed to recreate a live setting, so the instruments are coming in from different parts of the head phones, making them easy to pick out. 
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    that's not what op is talking about.

    He is talking about being distinguish individual voices from the choir

    A good.musician this with mono headphones


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