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Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Anyone ever heard of these? Or better yet, even been in one? I think it sounds awesome, being totally cut off from everything just having thoughts race through your head. I want to try one badly, but have no idea how I'd go about finding a place which provides them.

    Anyone got experience with em?
  2. "Whoa! Sensory deprivation kicks ass!"

    thats about as much as i know! but would love to try it after seeing that episode! :)
  3. google'd it and found a bunch of cool links, even a story on erowid. sounds real interesting. i remember seeing a little bit of the movie minority report, did they have things like this in that movie?
  4. See the movie Altered States. See it right now.
  5. I tried it twice. My neighbor at home is one of those pseudo hippies. Once I went in just fine for about an hour. And its very difficult to not just let your mind wander.

    But once, he smoked me up and I got in there, and there NOTHING to distract you from CRAZY thoughts. Typically I envision my own death on shrooms or something like that, but I totally had an experience like that with just weed.

    They're cool I guess. My neighbor paid like 2000 bucks for it (water runs through it too, so there s filter and shit). I'd never actually pay for one.
  6. ^^^

    Depending on where you live, theres places you can goto an pay to do it. Ranges from like 40 - 100 dollars an hour or so.
  7. Yeah, I'm sure you can control what music gets played. Personally, I think silence might be best. Shit'd be a trip, not knowing how long you've been down there or anything. Make sure to get mad blazed beforehand, let the thoughts really flow.

  8. Or bring in a lighter and pipe, and hobox the shit out of it!!!
  9. ^hahahha im laughing so hard from that shit.

    personally, i'd do it high and listen to Tool...but that's me.

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