Sensory Deprivation Tank

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  1. Anyone on GC ever get into a sensory deprivation tank? Over the last few years ive been really considering trying it for the experience. Pretty much since i first saw it on Fringe and then furthermore when i heard joe rogan describing it
    Could anyone offer me any thoughts or advice?
    I found a float lab in venice beach CA and when i have the spare cash im probably going to arrange an appointment
    For those of you not familiar here's a video narrated by Joe Rogan

  2. oh dear. Joe Rogan? its always that motherfucker.

    sensory deprivation tanks are expensive, and dont work for everyone.

    for the sayers that say they can have out of body experiences and astral projections, its just as believable as achieving these states through meditation. im sure if you already know how to achieve these states of consciousness, youll have a much more immersed experience in the sensory deprivation tank.

    for people who dont even know meditation techniques and how to alter own consciousness without the tank, you probably wont experience much but a loss of gravity and deep relaxation.

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