Sensitivity to violence.

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  1. I just watched one of the traces of death movies, it was fucking gruesome and I was thinking what influences ones sensitivity/capacity to/for violence? Are you just born with it or is it how you were brought up, or how much you were/are exposed? discuss :p
  2. I think our country's youth ( I assume your in the states) is being rapidly desensitized by all the violence they see day to day in video games and movies and all that.
    I remember when I was a kid the most gore we saw in video games was in Mortal Kombat for the snes and that still gave me nightmares seeing fatalities in the game.
    Now things are so realistic on current gen consoles and gaming is such a mainstream thing I can only imagine what other sick gruesome movies we will see with the next generation.

    Like all things humans can get used to anything, and that definitely includes violence.
  3. It's definitely how much you've been exposed to it, either in life or on tv, you get desensitized watching stuff like csi and 2 guys 1 hammer
  4. Well, I'm not in the states yet, but I'm american. I agree, seeing it in games/tv/movies etc. does desensitize to violence, but if you've ever seen real footage of people being shot/maimed/etc. (which traces of death basically is) or seen anyone get shot you'll know that its not the same as in the movies...yet.. I think if we keep going the same direction gore in entertainment will get more and more realistic.

    Is capacity for violence directly related to sensitivity to violence? For example, I'm still thoroughly disgusted by seeing someone cut open like a pez dispenser (in real life/real footage), but if I really needed to I would snap someones neck/react with extreme violence.
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    I love how we are led into believing that we're being "desensitized" to violence on TV.

    Would it be desensitizing to read the news and understand what's really going on, instead of living some fictitious reality where people only get blown to bits in movies?

    How much violence and murder do you think children and adults are being exposed to in Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Africa, right now? The list goes on and on.

    Don't let society tell you you're being desensitized. Imagine seeing that shit for real in front of you and not on TV from the comfort of your home.
  6. I've seen some really, really bad things. I don't know if I just block it out and its fucking me up sub consciously.

    I can't handle watching the local news because of all the bad things in this world
    Ignorance is bliss?
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    I don't think that I am being led to believe anything in this case. I think its logical that if you see something over and over again that would normally disturb you that you slowly aren't that surprised or disturbed by it anymore.

    I think maybe you have me mixed up with someone whos complaining about gore in the news media. I don't really care about that, your right I would rather now how shits going down instead of the rosey tinted version.

    I think thats the reason people are disgusted by it... because they imagine it happening to themselves or seeing it in front of your eyes..

    EDIT:and no offense but I don't see how this post really relates to the specific topic..

  8. As a child in Texas I saw some messed up stuff too. Fortunately don't have any lasting psychological damage though. Hope you can get over that man..

    Ignorance is indeed bliss until the thing your ignoring is at your doorstep..

  9. But how is it "desensitizing?"

    Typical perception on the term "desensitize" basically means you are no longer disturbed by violence, hence lowering your moral values, and possibly initiating violence yourself onto others. Not true.

    Ask anyone in the military (in most cases).
  10. What I mean by "desensitize" or desensitization is not necessarily complete indifference to violence but an increased indifference to violence or capacity to violence over time.

    I don't see how becoming less sensitive to violence would lower your moral values and if you act out violently more often because of desensitization to violence than I'd imagine those traits were pre-existing.

  11. This post does relate to the topic. What I'm comparing is seeing it for yourself to watching it on TV. I'm comparing your sheltered version of sensitivity to what others have to go through in REAL LIFE.

    I'm telling you that desensitizing is a language used by lawyers to put R ratings on movies. Think for yourself once in a while.
  12. lol I think for myself all the time, maybe you should pay more attention and read my last post numnuts.

    I meant that it didn't specifically relate to the topic, because whether you like it or not, desensitization is real, and not just something some shitbag lawyer made up.. I'm sure he twisted the concept for his own benefit.
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    What's your whining about then? If becoming desensitized doesn't increase capacity for REAL violence, then who cares?

    Don't watch that shit then wimp.
  14. Tv and bideogames are way fucked up now...Ill stick to my classic zelda and netflix.

    Tv shows all give me a shitty emotional down feeling when I watch em, Unless its about nature or I'm learning something interesting.
  15. I never said it didn't increase the capacity for REAL violence.. I'm saying that it can over time, but it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone who gains that will act out as much as someone who already had the pre existing trait and just needed that little push..

    I'll watch whatever the fuck I want.
  16. violence is part of human nature, like it or not.

    the good thing about being human is that we have the power to control our actions unlike a lion or wolf who will just fuck shyt up.

    some people just have less self control then others.

    violence and war will never go away. know where you stand
  17. To me I think our race really hasn't progressed more than 100's of years ago. At least in terms of violence and entertainment, but think about it . The romans used to watch gruesome violence in the colossium. Now our entertainment has progressed but, only to the form of a new medium. (live fighting in rome, to - call of duty/violent movies).

  18. dont forget MMA and wrestling.

    watching a fight gets the heart pumping. its exciting. people like to be excited and entertained.

    it shows the ultimate display of human strength

    its no different than standing at a lake throwing rocks at ducks.
  19. [quote name='"Tokalo"']

    dont forget MMA and wrestling.

    watching a fight gets the heart pumping. its exciting. people like to be excited and entertained.

    it shows the ultimate display of human strength

    its no different than standing at a lake throwing rocks at ducks.[/quote]

    Right, and to me I find that we are just animals after all.

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