SENSIMIL! OI! Get posting! (and everyone else prepair to boogy down)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. sensi... i dont wanna hit 4200 before ya, so get whoring yerself a lil bit. please. ;D
  2. See, that\'s not right...your not giving enough information for us to go on when we read this. We need to know how many posts Sensi has with out having to go on the easter egg hunt ourselves. It\'s not right.

    You\'ll be fined for irresponsible thread starting...
  3. what are you saying rumjilly? am I to assume to are not ready to boogy down??
  4. Rumjilly is always ready!!! :D

    I was just picking on Digit for lack of info in his post.

    So...I think you guys should try to hit it at the same time...I mean, down to the minute! I really do. What a dance that would be!!!!!! :p

  5. ooooh Im SO in on that!! I think we can do it digit!! :) what a celebration that would be! like New Years!! :D
  6. Digit, I\'m fining you again for making a thread and not keeping up with it in a timely manner.

    (hehehe...this is fun) :D
  7. mmmm scan-delicious
  8. gawdamnit.. wtf .... silence is a crime? oh... i see... this is that same old bullshit they authorities push on us... make it imposssable to be in full compliance. now i\'m being picked on because i threated the system. why? how? i know why.... encouraging whoring. :D thats the only reason. pimp daddy digit back in town. :p

    anyone have my purple suade suit?

  9. givin up the pimp suit and your slut?!..... thats a big hit....

    but 4200 at the same time would be cool....biggest post party yet...:)
  10. 4200 at the same time.... Woooo hoooo!!!!!

    Ya\'ll get busy!
  11. she\'s not posting enough.

    or maybe i\'m posting too much?

    ... i got nuthin else to do but mope around here lookin glum. so, my post count is rising... her\'s aint. someone go slap her ass in gear.
  12. y\'all both have 4172 at the same time right now.
  13. Digit\'s in the lead by one post!
  14. anyone want to race me to 420....thats my goal
  15. cmon sensi.. whore it up a bit and lets see if we can both hit 420(0) at the same time tonight!!! :D

    ....hmm... thatsa lotta postin. :D

    i know we can do it.
  16. Lol, Smoke post smoke post smoke....

    4200 the epifany of 420
  17. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
  18. this is coooool... every time i see our post counts in the same thread, we\'re on the same number now! damn this is exciting.

    ... isnt this exciting?

    i think this is exciting.

    dont you all think this is exciting?

    i think it is.

    ... oh man....

    i should stop writing like this, its gonna give yas a headache...

    are yas getting a headache?

    i think you\'re getting headaches.

    you\'d tell me if you got headaches from this right?

    i think you\'d tell me if you got headaches,

    i think you\'re getting headaches.

    yous should smoke some weed for your headaches.

    are you smoking weed for your headaches?

    i\'m smoking weed for my~ wait a minute.. no i\'m not.. fuck. i dont have anywa weed. ....... again. ***breaks into song*** \"I get by with a little help from my friens... bauwm bauwm bauwm, ah geht bayee with a little help from mah friends.... dand dand dand,,, ....\"

    thnx friends. :)
    i got by with your help.
  19. get out of the wonder years and into that whiskey!

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