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Sensi Star

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nineonedeuce, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey yall, picked up a quarter of Sensi Star the other day. Here is most of the quarter, smoked a few bowl's worth out of it.

    Seems to be indica dominant, but not with a super heavy couchlock. Nice head component to the high too.

    Sorry for the somewhat low quality pics, I'm used to taking macros with my friend's camera, but the only digital one I could find at my place was an old school Canon

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  2. is it sposed to be dank? looks like some nice middies , how much that run ya?
  3. thats not middies, with mids your not going to see any crystals at all, maybe some but it wont look like that. everyone on this site calls non MMJ weed mids. thats like headies or beasters. not any sensi star i would imagine though
  4. I wish my middies looked like that...

  5. Thank you. I'm disappointed with the way the pictures turned out, they don't really capture any of the trichomes, as there was no macro setting on this camera. I have no idea if it actually is Sensi Star, just the name given to me when I picked it up

  6. actually the middys i get has alot of crystals on it :smoking:
  7. Not mids...Close up on the pic and you can see how full of trichs.

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