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Sensi Star Outdoors

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by mellotoker, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Hey Blades, I just picked up a pack of Sensi Star from someone who wasn't going to use them. I've researched the genetics of them and they're primarily Indica and intended for indoor grows. But I don't do indoor.

    So, has anyone ever grown these outdoors in a temperate climate like the southeast US? And if so, how did they do?

    I'm wanting to add them to my 2010 outdoor grow. Thanks for any help..
  2. ok, fuck it, "Bump". Someone has to have grown this shit outdoors, anybody:(?
  3. you will be ok with SS outside.
    it wont grow structural like indica ,outside .... but for sure she have time to finish.

    enjoy in buds
  4. my pack of Paradise SS has the recommended range of 50 degrees from the equator to finish

    i dont know where you are exactly, but id wager 35-40 degrees, max? you'll be fine :D
  5. Cool, thanks guys. Hey, they're free seeds from a buddy and I'm running with it:D. I'm at 30 degrees, so the temps won't be a problem. I appreciate the input, thanks again. This will be one of my early finishers for next year.

    Be well..
  6. Mellotoker, I grow Sensi Star, indoors, and during my research I came upon a journal where someone grew it outdoors. I seem to recall it was at rollitup. They looked beautiful with dense thick buds, but only about 4-5 feet tall. I must admit, I'm jealous you got the beans for free cuz SS is my favorite herb. Star can be a pain but she'll be well worth it. Good luck with your grow and if you need any advice feel free to PM me.
  7. I'm new to paradise seeds as well , im going to try Opium and ice cream. Their site says they both finish around beggining of Oct between 50 NL and 50 SL. I orginally wanted to get the SS but the site says their sold out, and plus I already got all the strains for this year like i said Opium and IC plus Dutch Passion Durban Poison and GHS himalayen gold.
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