Sens trade good deal for who

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Bonniewalberg, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I think the sens got a good deal

    Comrie and campoli
    for mcammond, and san jose's 1st round pick
  2. I'd say Ottawa got the better deal, in this one
  3. I think it was a steal, glad to see comrie back, and campoli got 2 points his first game with us so that a plus
  4. I really like this deal for Ottawa, if we can sign Comrie it will really help our scoring depth next season and it gives us that puck moving D that we have been hunting for.
  5. Campoli will be good down the line. Comrie, meh.

    From an Islander fan's standpoint I would say it's a good deal for both teams but I think the better end goes to the Isles, because Comrie's trade value took a huge hit over the course of this season due to his shoddy play, and Campoli wanted off the Island (he wanted to go to the for him I guess).

    Hate to see us have to give up a 24-year-old with stud potential, but we got a first-rounder for it, which we desperately need to rebuild depth within the organization as well as on the ice (have you seen our bottom two lines? holy fuck).

    Plus, McAmmond was a throw-in that could easily turn into another draft pick come the deadline. I'm sure there are plenty of teams out there pushing for the playoffs who are looking for veteran leadership/"grit".
  6. To be honest, neither team came away with a huge victory from the trade.

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