Senator Grassley <3 Whistleblowers

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  1. And I <3 Mox News, because who else is watching countless hours of C-SPAN? Not me. On to the video, Sen. Grassley opens by asking for 12 minutes to speak, because he has a lot to say, and begins his address by pointing out it's Sun Shine Week and that we need to shed more light into Washington DC, aka more transparency. He goes onto say that Pres. Obama promised a more transparent administration, to which he was actually expecting, but as time went he realized there is nothing transparent about it. He also gets into the Fast and Furious scandal and how he and his investigators have been Stonewalled from every direction, and lastly he asks for protection for whistleblowers because it is the whistleblowers who provide the transparency we so desperately need.

    [ame=]I HEART WHISTLEBLOWERS! Senator Grassley - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I keep thinking of "Senator Grasscity"
  3. ^ That'll work too
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    Damn!! All that hoping for transparency got me nowhere.. =[

    That was a great speech
  5. "Gentleman Senator grasscity, from the Internet, politics section - 15 minutes on the floor"

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