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[SEMS1] Bong making guide, for the younger smoker.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SEMS1, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. #1 SEMS1, Oct 29, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2008

    Here im gonna teach you how to make a quick, hard hitting bong with a glass jar
    to stop most of those nasty fumes you might be inhaling through bottles ;)

    The first step, get all of your supplies.
    these should include the following;

    • A small glass jar
    • The top of a coke bottle
    • A tube for the mouthpiece
    • A metal downstem (or for those without one available, some garden hose lol)
    • A cone piece (dropper/slider/pipe piece)
    • Electrical tape

    • Scissors


    Ok lets get started, first off clean your glass jar, this includes the label
    and any dirt or marks on the jar.

    Next get your top of the coke bottle and trim it to the same radius as
    the top of the jar (make sure its a millimeter bigger so the tape can grip around it)

    Next melt the hole for your hose or down stem. Make sure you
    heat the hole smaller than the hose/down stem so it is air tight once pushed through,
    then place the hose in and trim to size.

    Next you have to melt the carb hole. make it a nice size and circular.

    Now that you have done that you can tape on your mouthpiece. Make
    sure you tape everything tightly so it is air tight and hits nice

    And there you have it, a simple, hard hitting half glass piece :p

    now with ice catcher ;) and soon double perc.

    Click to watch the Milk vid.


    i just made this inline A/C for it aswell, i might make a tutorial but
    it was luck that i found all the right bits and pieces for this thing.
    just gotta fix it to the bong now :)

    i hope this helps someone who cant get their hands on glass.
    and if possible and the mods think its appropriate, i want to get this stickied
    because i see a lot of threads regarding plastic bongs and this is a good

    Another good method for making a bong is drilling out a glass bottle like drummersince99
    has done (i didnt do this because i dont have the right drill bits)

  2. nice, i like it!
  3. sems you love homemade bongs!!!

    seems like you could easily make a dome perc with that design using another coke bottle top.

    also another idea i think that could work good would be too put a stoper on the end of the hose possibly stapleing it shut. Then poke holes as a diffuser.
  4. yeh i cant buy real glass man, its illegal :devious:

    i was thinking about the perc etc, but i would need to work on a design
    for a bit but it wouldn't be to hard, and im going to make a metal
    down stem with a diffuser soon, i have the other metal downstem
    in the first pic but its to short for that bong :p
  5. Looks pretty kool for a homemade, and i dont say that often.
    But just wondering what is that you used for the mouthpiece?
    And can you taste the small bit of plastic(coke bottle) in the middle?
  6. the mouthpiece is made from a plastic tube thing with a rounded edge.
    and i dont notice any plastic taste, because its not being heated up etc, the smoke just travels past it.
  7. nice i love that thing.. good job bro.
  8. nice! I gotta try this.
  9. Dude, you're so cool that AUS should amend their laws just so YOU can get some glass.

    Is it possible for you to find a glassblower?
  10. Im not sure man, ive never really checked!

    i should though, get some real nice custom stuff happening, thanks for the idea man!
  11. Just make sure you can trust them before you go asking them to make you a pipe. Glad I could help though.
  12. dont worry man, im a smart fella when it comes to all things prohibited. :p
  13. Nice. Whats the name of the music you have playing in the background?
  14. its an ill bill track with necro and a few anothers, not sure of the name though.

    not in the title of the song on the comp.
  15. One more thing. What did you use to hold the weed in the green tubing, and is there a hole punched in the middle of the tubing inside the jar?
  16. i got a cone piece.
    its a proper "bowl" for smoking.
  17. A cone piece? What about the hole. Do I have to poke one in the middle of the tubing inside of the bong?
  18. Garden hose or copper tubing would not be my 1st choice.
    For D.I.Y. Bong hardware common lamp parts are great


    Lamp Stems come in a varity of lengths from 3/4 inch up to 3 feet.Using a female threaded coupler (on the left) any common bowl will fit both lamp parts & common bowls are 1/8 inch I.P.S.(Iron Pipe Standard)
    All these bowls are 1/8'' thread

  19. i have a lamp stem.

    mind if i use the pic to demo it in the original post?

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