Semistealth Autoflower Raymatix Carebears

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  1. Been a rough year for everyone but from growing its been dark for me. Lost the awesome automated climate controlled grow shed I had. Now living in a shared wall community with a tiny patio. Going to try to pull off a semi stealth mini grow going in to winter. Going to do autoflower because I can't control external lights here being in a community. Never grown it but 2020 is 2020 ha.
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  2. Ok so here's the setup.

    Physical: 2ft x 1ft fence pot with lid. Hope to be able to hide and also with lid maybe contain smell or block rain or keep warm... we'll see maybe it'll get to big.

    Soil: miracle grow tomato soil

    Genetics: Firebudz Carebears
    It's zkittles x bluebear og F3 and autoflower non feminized

    Light: Raymatix SideClops
    Bought one of their side lights for mid canopy and screw mounted it to a cheap tripod so I can add light in the short days and add heat and maybe give light all night

    Tonight put 4 seeds in water to start

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  3. Pic from 11/17, so 11 days in. 3 of the 4 sprouted. Keeping indoors at this point. Update soon. Screenshot_20201204-110940_Gallery.jpg

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  4. 12/22 update. 46 days in. One of the sprouts died. So out of the 4, 3 sprouts and 2 became viable.

    I've got the light running on it 24/7. I get some morning sun and then shade but still daylight. Light adds in during day and is all the light at night. Pretty disappointed so far with the progress although I know seedlings are slow. I dont think it's the genetics, I think its the cold. It's been getting as low as the low 40s at night. I think I've got plenty of light as the nodes are pretty tight.

    Anyways here it is. Hopefully will get more interesting soon. 20201222_204245.jpg 20201222_204233.jpg

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  5. Day 54 update. Things have taken a strange turn. Leaves are curled over like too much water. New growth looks like cabbage. I'm really out of my element here with autos, outdoor, and soil.

    I'm flushing with warm water in case it's too much nutes and cold. Going to leave indoors for a day to get warm and going to spray with insecticidal soap in case there's a pathogen.

    Can't see any pathogen though. Leaves almost feel dry even though soil is damp. Haven't watered in over a week.

    Anyone have any thoughts? 20201230_205802.jpg 20201230_205752.jpg

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  6. Light has been pretty intense maybe that's it? I was hoping light intensity would help warm it

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