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  1. Well yesterday i heard a knock on the door and i looked and saw some dude i didnt know but i opened the door. he asked if my name was ____ and i said ya then he grabbed me and handcuffed me, flashed a badge and said he was from the sheriffs department or whatever. Then 2 more wildboys came round the corner guns pointin at me. They came into my apartment where my girlfriend and 10month old baby were. They said they knew what was up and to let them search or they would get a search warrant and call CPS(child protective services if u didnt know).

    I couldnt really think clearly and was too worried about CPS so i let them search cause i knew i only had a few grams and bongs. They seemed pretty pissed they didnt find more and said they were gonna take me to jail unless i narked on some of my dudes. I said i would even though i had no intention too just didnt want to go to jail right then cause they were gonna take my girl too. They gave me a number to call and bounced. I called the number about an hour later just to get their badge numbers but they didnt answer. I just left a message saying call me back but they never did. Im starting to think these werent legit cops and they just pocketed my bud and bounced. I contacted a lawyer and he was pretty sure they were cops and would come back to arrest me if i didnt help them. Im not worried bout myself cause i can go to jail for a few hours cause possession of marijuana is just a misdeamnor, but i dont want my girlfriend too and i dont want a CPS case. Any advice on the legitimacy of this?
  2. Dude, that is fucked up. they didn't have a search warrant and they busted in? fuck them. That's not right man.
  3. I hate piggys.
  4. wow that's some pretty shitty business man. i hope everything works out for you.
  5. damnn. sorry to hear that. but i think i would do the same thing. i would rather them take just me then me and the rest of my family
  6. Sounds like a house lick to me
  7. Did they seem like cops? Did you see what they were driving? Have you looked the number up on google/internet phonebook?

    It sounds like you might have gotten jacked man.
  8. Did the lawyer advise you at all? If there is any doubt, I would move your things for a few days and lay low. If they do happen to come back and search again, they wouldnt find anything (assuming its moved). If they do issue a summons (assuming you have a decent lawyer) it would basically be there word against yours right? How would they be able to produce evidence anyway right? Another question if you dont mind me asking, how would your girlfriend be in trouble?
  9. Another thing I would check out the norml website for state laws laws vary by state for possession,etc (you probably already know this though). Also, if those WERE cops I'd take into consideration how many prior offenses (if any) that you have, that could factor in. From my knowledge, an officer CANNOT search your place unless they do have a warrant or you consent to a search. Hope everything works out man.
  10. damn man, are 210 pigs pretty bad? i havent had much experience with them. that fucking blows though, keep ya head up.
  11. waita fuck up. NEVER CONSENT TO A SEARCH unless they have a fucking warrant. my dad is a lawyer and sees tons of cases like this and is like i cant fucking help you you told them they could go through your shit
  12. ya they are.

    Ya they were legit cops im almost 100% sure. We have a lot of corrupt cops here though so im hoping thats what they were.
  13. Alphabet boys you think? (The guys with the three letters on their back)
  14. fucking cops

    playing more games than a pre-teen girl
  15. Sounds to me they weren't cops. Just posing as cops... Thats just my thoughts.
  16. i thought that too. My lawyer said they are just thugs with badges but they are indeed legit cops.
  17. They didn't even have a warrant and they pointed guns on you. Plus be honest do you sell drugs out ur house or aparment or anything. If theres nothing that suspicious going on then they were probably thugs. Even if you sold to buddies occasionally thats not enough for a undercover team to take out a house.
  18. man a lot of people have been getting raped that visit GC. Paranoia anyone?
  19. I use to be throwed in the game, pushing mad weight but that was years ago. I just pick up zones to blaze and normally hook my friends up if they need kill. They were probably corrupt cops but they could still fuck me over.
  20. Damn that sucks usually round here if someone stops doing suspicious stuff for a while they call off any potential raids off for the most part. Anyway hope everything turns out ok and ya figure out what the truth is :wave:

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