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Selling stuff for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoGnarlyDooD, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. #1 SoGnarlyDooD, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2012
    Hey guys, so I'm selling this iPad I got last year and only used a handful of times for 200$. Now with this money, i'll probably just end up buying weed with it over time. Now that I started thinking about it, is this a bad thing? This ipad was a gift so it feels pretty weird selling it for weed money. What're your guys thoughts?

    Oh and with 200$ I can get an H of blue cheese, so that's tempting me also.
  2. Man I've pawned off so much of my shit when I was younger for little dub sacks here and there and honestly it wasn't worth it at all.
    But I say if it makes for a good time then do it.
    Ipads suck anyway.
  3. If its just collecting dust then go for it. At least you'll use the weed.
  4. this.
  5. If you have no use for an iPad, and it's just collecting dust as GodGaveUsWeed said, go for it. At least try to get more money out of it if it's in good shape, you can probably milk $300 out of it.

    I personally don't find anything wrong with selling shit you never use and using that extra side cash for some weed, no harm done out of it :smoke:
  6. As long as if you don't see your body for weed then you are fine in my eyes hahahaha Just don't get to the point where you sell shit for weed then end up re buying what you sold only to sell it again like my dumb ass friends friend.
  7. what sucks for me is i dont have anything to sell anymore. i sold it all long before i started smoking for stupid shit... but any money i do get is going to car insurance and synthetic piss before weed which sucks...
  8. Man has become too sentimental with everything. Its quite unfortunate.
  9. I've sold tons of shit for weed and unmentionables and lemme tell you, I totally fucking regret it. Dont do it OP. Plus it was a present man.
  10. Don't man you'll regret it.. Why sell something you can use forever for something you can only use for a little while? Thats my motto now, i sold so much shit like xboxs, ps3s, cloths everything! I REGRET IT SOOOO MUCH. Unless you really don't use it, and you know 100% sure that you aren't ever gona use it, and no one is gona get pissed that you sold it then sell it, BUT if any of those apply DON'T SELL IT.
  11. yea...who gives a shit, i've traded so many video games its ridiculous. :eek:
  12. Why are potheads clucking shit? Seems shady. Having a habit that you cant support, first sign. Your shit though, get the most you can out of it.
  13. Video games is 1 thing man, it really depends on what you're selling and if you really need it, or will even want it again. You can't compare a video game to an ipad, thats like comparing a xbox 360 to a video game same thing..

  14. I've done it with a couple 360s....
  15. Well thats you man, not all of us are rich and can buy more than 1

  16. Well each person is different. Maybe he isn't working currently and just wants some cash for weed. Or he does have a job and pays everything off and is left with literally 2 or 3 bucks (the situation one of my non-stoner friends is in). Many different situations or mindsets could cause this very universal way of getting extra cash :D
  17. I sold my old Xbox 360 that I never used for a quarter. I got more enjoyment out of that quarter than I did in a year of the xbox.
  18. Use the Ipad to use a online resource to get a job, that way you dont have to ask the internet wether you should sell your personal electronics to get high.
  19. selling useful items for weed is slightly desperate...
    think about it, you dont neeeeed the weeeed.
    ganj is great, but you'll use that iPad in the future. Go work for your money, then buy a dub of the Blue Cheese
  20. mans gotta do

    what a mans gotta do.:eek:

    If you seldomly enjoy said item, then why not.

    how much you figa one'a them things costs?

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