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  1. I'm not currently able to grow what I'd like under my 600w Hps so I'm considering selling it on a local classified site, is it worth it to try to imply that I'm open to trade for bud? I'm looking to sell it for bud money anyway so I figured I would probably get a better deal if I cut out the middleman, any thoughts? Would I just have a cop show up at my door?
  2. Well in the long list of things that are bad ideas this one is right up near the top. Don't imply you're willing to trade for bud in a classified. If anything when someone shows up to buy if you get a good vibe maybe you could hint. But don't be crazy. :rolleyes:
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    Lol, I didn't mean I was going to say "I'll trade for weed" I was thinking more suddle than that, and I agree with waiting till the person comes but its not very likely that even if they have bud to spare that they would bring it with to meet, hence the thought of hinting in the ad
  4. There is no such thing as subtle enough that LEO will miss it but everyone who has bud willing to trade will understand it.

    Do not advertise publicly that you are looking for weed, no matter how subtle. Just sell the light.
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    Okay, thanks for the advice blades, all I put in the ad was that I'm open to trade
  6. That's the best way to go about it man.
  7. I was not just advising about advertising, I would not entertain the subject of trading for anything illegal with a total stranger. Period. Just not worth it. I would not bring it up, and if the other person brings it up I would just say I am open to trading for something legal. You don't know anything about this person, they could be setting you up for a bust or a rip or who knows what.

    You say you can't grow in your current situation, and I respect that you see that clearly (way too many folks come onto this site to ask how they can make a grow happen in a risky or inappropriate or even impossible situation). You should apply the same clear thinking to the idea of trading for bud, just not a good idea to get into illegal transactions of any kind with strangers.
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    I agree now that I think about it more, and I may have a friend that wants it for bud :) well a friend of a friend but I know the person.

    I do grow in my current situation, just not the plants I'd like to(I live with my mother and she is against me growing my own bud, but has no problem with me growing other plants in my closet, witch is great Practice if you ask me)
  9. Toasty Biz gave some really good advice there. Just apply clear thinking and stay safe. They could be undercover cops checking out the net.

    Safe bruv.

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