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Selling is buying?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Accoding to this site:

    if I have 30g or less on me; it is punishable by no jail time and 100-250 dollar fine.

    Looks like selling any ammount is atleast 3 years jail and $3000.

    But what about if caught purchasing?
  2. Well if theres a fine then its a misdameanor and of course its illegal... Same as anything else. If I go and throw a rock at a car i may not go to jail and just get a fine but thats still illegal.
  3. I would think it would count as possesion

  4. Did you read the question all the way?

    I'm asking if the penalty for buying would be the same as selling...or the same as possession..or some where in between...
  5. Ok then it would be possession and your dealer would get fucked.
  6. Yes, buying weed is illegal. Buying a lot of weed is even more illegal. Don't carry scales on you and have multiple bags or anything. Just use common sense, and don't deal with shady people who might get you cought. If your dealer is relaxed and calm I'd feel comfortable going through him. If he's always paranoid he probably has good reason to. So stick to the calm and collected dealers who probably have their shit together and you're less likely to get into trouble. Besides you live in cali right? lolz stick to buying under an ounce at a time and you'll never see the inside of jail :)
  7. Mississippi.
  8. If you really care that it's illegal and don't have the common sense to be careful, quit smoking dude. Your question doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You knwo the rules, possession is a fine and selling is not. If you can't figure it out from there nobody will be able to help you, sorry to say.
  9. engaging in illegal transaction, and once the bud is in your hands, it's yours, so possession. :wave:

  10. Possession.



    I know the penalty for possession.

    I know the penalty for selling.

    I don't know the penalty for buying.
  11. DUDE.
    Are you not understanding this?
    It doesn't matter that you're just buying it.
    Either you're buying it with intent to distribute, deliver and/or sell, or you're buying it to smoke it. All of which is illegal.
    From one thing it goes to the punishment you already know..
    If you get caught buying to d, d or sell, then it's charged as what..possession with intent..if you get caught buying to smoke its possession.
    Which you know the penalty for both.
  12. Dude when you buy they slap you with a possession charge because it's now yours. You bought it. You possess it. Therefore it's the under 30g rule Misdemeanor.:smoke:
  13. You're forgetting that weed itself is illegal. There is always a penalty involving it in any way, and the chrages/punishment depend on the situation. The penalty depends on your area, look at your local gov website.
  14. many people don't read before they reply here...

    Oh I know that weed is illegal no matter how you have it / obtained it. However, the punishment varies depending. I was just wondering if buying weed would be consequenced the same way that selling would be if thats grouped as "dealing" in a whole...Anyway, I duno..maybe it should be obvious but I'm pretty clueless..sorry.
  15. I know what your trying to say, but you're probably just hella stoned and getting paranoid. Dude don't worry, if you get cought buying under what your state classifies as a misdemeanor amount, your dealer gets fucked and you get ticketed or whatever. Think about it, to cops and the DEA all marijuana is bad, so, ALOT of marijuana is WORSE than a little marijuana because in their eyes The more you have the more people can potentially be affected by it, or something. Understand? no? OKay in english your'e a small fish, bonuses are given to cops who nail big fish. Understand?

  16. Ya, I get what your saying.

    Oh and I'm not high ..haven't smoked weed in about a year now..and was a few years spread before that time...heh. This is for precaution in case I go to buy some. :D
  17. I c, better safe than sorry right :D. yeah you got nothing to worry about(except a fine ;))

  18. Ha, bring the fines all they want. Just don't lock my ass up and I'll be thankful. :)
  19. oh yea, you might want to look into that. I think if you keep getting cought the penalty gets worse? not too sure though.
  20. If you get caught with a small amount, say 1-2gs, in most states the penalty isnt as harsh as if you got caught with a larger amount, say 1-2 pounds. If they think you have the intent to sell then at least where I live you're SOL

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