Self Sacrifice

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    I thought about this, while I was sober. I'd like to hear everyone's feedback. Please be as honest as possible. I'd also like you to think deeply on this question, and all it entails. I want you to think about this question..sober..then think about it not sober. Is there a difference?

    If you could vanish from existence right now, never to be thought of or remembered again. No goodbyes, but it meant all of mankind would live in peace and harmony eternally. Would you self sacrifice?
  2. no, i have a whole life ahead of me, fuck yall..maybe when im older
  3. Not to sound like an emo prick, but just give me a good excuse (such as this one) and I'll take it. Yes. Although it would all be artificial but that's certainly better than nothing..... I think.
  4. I wouldn't have the strength to self sacrifice. But then again, if it somehow was brought to my attention that me killing myself (or letting myself get killed) would make the world better, I would never be able to trust the source 100% no matter what.
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    i would...vanish from all i know and be forgotten....remember it also means i get to get away from a population whos existance is nothing less then mind numbing and ignorant to a much larger picture of the meaning of life and the earth we live on, and the universe it exists in etc.

    why not? i want this world to change, and to have that chance and not take it for a self serving reason. a reason that is nothing more then living as i do, contributing to the down fall of earth, only on a smaller scale then most people because i am aware.

    i think as humans, an intelligent life form we could have used all we have available to do much more then make a new $400 phone which is slightly better then its previous model every 3 months for example, we waste so much.

    also i like to think there is more to not existing in this time and place then just being a body in the ground. another life?? i dunno, but there is no such thing as nothing, for NOTHING IS SOMETHING.
    (how are you going to argue such a debated philosophical question with a definition from a dictionary? you tool)

    sorry for spelling mistakes, i did not re read
  6. Why should I?
  7. hell yes i would. I wouldn't lose anything, it's a null/win (rather than win/win) situation.
  8. Without a doubt.
  9. oh shit.
    i polled before i read the fucking post.
    hell no i wouldn't.
    man kind doesn't deserve that.
    and why should i give my life for some undeserving species?
    Mankind is evil and disgusting in many ways.
  10. if I was older
  11. thanks for the laugh bro, lmao :smoke:
  12. Why not?

    Were all only remembered for so long anyway.
  13. What's in it for me? I'm gonna make the most of my time here while I can. Plus, I'm gonna agree with iMaven; most people don't deserve it anyway.

  14. Real self sacrifice is to abandon the ego & then the universe fully acts through this body, then sacrifice is a joy & not a grand 'look at me world, im sacrificing myself!' with the ego gone who can claim this sacrifice? It simply happens...
  15. I find it amazing that ants, who have some of the smallest brains around, have such noble characteristics and morals. Ants know a great deal of self sacrifice. They spend all theyre efforts working for their colony and gathering food for their queen. Yet they are just ants. Which makes you wonder. Did someone teach them? of course, thats what I believe.
  16. I put yes. It's a hard pill to swallow. But as a christian I'm taught to love. And how else to love someone or the world by sacrifice.
  17. i'd like to say, yes i would.
    but i don't trust humanity enough to sacrifice myself for peace when it's just gonna go to shit again in years, decades, centuries. however long it takes, war would probably find its way back into human society
  18. Ants only do this because the queen secretes some type of biological agent which allows her to control the worker ants.
  19. No.

    Maybe if i was dying.
  20. I'm not sure I get what you're saying. Are you just making a statement, or stating your observation on what I wrote? If so, remember one of the rules was "never to be remembered..simply vanish" ie: no ego involved, one day you existed the next day you did not..and never did.

    Now for my answer is yes both high and sober, simply put...well someone else has already said it.

    To expand on that, let me explain that for me it's a simple decision. Yes, I love my life and my family and this world. I'm not depressed, sad or lonely but i'm logical. Look at the question..if are wiped out of existence in an will it bother you? it won't. you simply won't be and never have been. it's a win/win.

    Ahh..yes but i said peace would be ETERNAL. Also..even if it wasn't eternal. Maybe people just need to give peace a chance? I don't think humanity has ever seen peace..ever. There's always fighting and war and terror and horrid things happening everywhere just in smaller doses. Now this would be acceptable if we were still using tools made out of sticks stones and bones and our communication were just grunts growls and what not. However, for a society as technoligcally advanced and as intelligent as we are. No excuse.

    So I cast my vote just now..YES and I find it very interesting that the poll is almost split 50/50

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