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    What self-imposed rules do you practice and follow?
    Which rules give the greatest benefit, and which do not?
    Has your life been happier or more fulfilling by having more structure, or less structure?
    I have experimented with living many different ways. For a few years I broke all the rules, avoided the law, and did what I pleased. Before this, I was following all the rules unquestioningly, and there was a big difference in quality of life. When I was breaking the rules, living freely, I found that in many ways I did not get much done. Without structure or discipline, the time went by quickly and I didn't seize as much opportunity as I could of.
    I found out most rules created by men (police, courts, etc) were bullshit, and stifled creative self-expression, freedom, encouraged conformity and are conditioned upon us from a very young age. By breaking all of them, I came to realize that there are Universal Laws which, when broken, bring consequences, sometimes painful, but always accompanied by valuable life lessons.
    I have always admired the Buddhist monks and how they lived. Here are some rules/disciplines I am going to work into a daily routine
    -Abstain from mindless activities (browsing internet too much, staring into space doing nothing)
    -Abstain from alcohol, coffee, sugar and psychadelics
    -well-balanced diet high in protien with plenty of water
    -spend time appreciating Nature every day
    -daily prayers and gratitude sending
    -in bed by 9:30, up by 6am(tough one)
    -do not compromise my own values to please others or win their approval/favour
    -keep on developing personal philosophy & live it
    -get outside comfort zone continously, & really embrace life- the hardships, the pleasures, everything

  2. Never smoke any of my weed before it has had at least a 90 day cure! Lol
  3. If you've got something and don't need and you see someone who does need it, just give it to them...
  4. I live by the golden rule. I've done this ever since I was a child and felt overwhelming guilt after beating up an innocent kid.
    I also live as comfortably as possible without bring unwanted attention or trouble my way.
    I won't abandon my family after growing up fatherless.
    So I have codes but they're mostly based on personal experiences I've had to overcome.
    This is a great practice in giving, and feels better than recieving. When traveling on Kauai, I was going to give my bike to another traveler who needed it (bikes are expensive, hard to come by). Before I could give it to someone, it was stolen. Losing the bike didn't upset me as much as losing the opportunity to pass on good karma, as many have showed me kindness
  6. Thanks op. This is exactly what I been going through lately.

    I need a self discipline overhaul

  7. My only rule

    Dont impose unnecessary rules and limitations on myself
    Not to limit yourself, but to remove time-wasting, unnecessary things from your life. I find having some rules create structure and can lead to success over time. It just works for me; won't work for everybody. If I don't have the day planned out I tend to waste time & lose focus.
  9. If I can do something that takes me very little effort or costs me very little but will help out another significantly for the most part I try to do it. Even if it isn't someone that I know. Kind of a utilitarian perspective I guess, mixed with egoism when I'm busy.
  10. Only one rule worth living by: "Try not to be a cunt" (Jim Jefferies)
  11. It doesn't matter how many things/materials you attain in this game of life, because in the end, it all goes back in the box when the game is finished.  And we can never know when/where that finish line actually is..  

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