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    Why has nobody invented a bowl the had a lighter built in? I could really use a self igniting bowl right now. At about this time every year we start having HUGE sessions (50-100 people) down at the train trestle. Almost every time I go down there I lose a lighter, It would be super chill if my bowl had a little button or something, that turned on a built in lighter. I would never have to bring my lighters down there again. If someone has one or knows where I could get one, please post it here.

  2. or why not use a laser for combustion that way you could avoid getting flint shavings in your product
  3. there are actually quite a few on the market. 

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  4. In the summer I use a magnifying glass, but a laser is a great idea. And I know about the easy pipes, but I was looking for a bowl for my bong that self ignites.
  5. Would a bowl with some of those wires you find in toaster ovens that heat up and all wrapped around on the inside work? Only problem is that they'd get caked in with rez pretty easily, but a custom made bowl with this option would be sick!
  6. dude i like the laser idea its practical try buying a high powerd one and build something to keep it there aimed

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