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  1. Ok, well I haven't been meditating recently. Well...formal meditation. Really my whole life is that of meditation, but I'm talking about the typical sitting in meditation position blah blah. Last time I formally meditated, was the first time I had meditated in a while(lol), and I was able to see perfectly clearly with my eyes closed. It was pretty crazy.

    Well a few days ago, I started to notice that I could kinda see with my eyes closed all the time. Not clearly like that time I meditated, and it's not exactly in full color, but...I can definitely kinda see. It's more like, I see the energy of things. It allows me to make it out somewhat, but it's not the same as if my eyes are open or anything. I keep testing it by closing my eyes and looking at something new and seeing if I can see where things are, and I keep doing it. Also, I can now imagine anything I want and see it, like it's real. Like..anything. I can do anything in my mind, and it's like I'm actually doing it.

    Anyways, the other night I was laying in bed, and I was just looking around my room and stuff with my eyes closed. Then I realized I was seeing things my eyes wouldn't even be able to see if they were open, due to their position and limits in range of sight. So this led me to believe I may be able to move my point of view, with my eyes closed, and like travel around. Well I did this, worked. Like I said, it's not perfect or anything, but basically I just moved backwards from my point of view, and looked down on myself, then went all around my house, then around my neighborhood and stuff.

    Idk...pretty crazy...but I haven't really heard of this. That's the only thing with some of the stuff I've been going through/'s not stuff that I can really find info on or talk to others about...

  2. Sounds like a dream...
  3. Well...after doing it for a little bit I got up and got something to eat and went to the bathroom...I was definitely awake lolz...
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    TheJourney, don't lisen to him.

    Your astral sight is developing (your story/experience is textbook astral sight, through and through), and by the sounds of it developing very well! Not many people have this ability, you are very fortunate.

    If you want to increase the activity even more I recommend focusing on your the area just above your brow region when you attempt to use it.

    Once you develop it further it will be of great use to you. I can suggest some reading to you if you are interested in learning more about it and what you can use it for.
  5. Thank you! And yea, I would definitely be open to any reading or whatever that would be beneficial.

    Also, idk if this is relevent or not, but when I close my eyes a lot of the times, I see an, very clearly and detailed...just an eye...and it opens and blinks and stuff...

  6. Wow.... you have a innate clairvoyant ability it seems...

    Many people take a lot of time and practice to develop their astral faculties.

    I'll pm you some pdf books.... most of them only have a section here or there on astral sight, but just those sections should be pretty helpful.
  7. I appreciate it!

    Have you ever heard anything about the eye thing?
  8. Np :)

    I have heard of it happening, but I can't say I know much about it.

    The obvious answer would be that you're third eye/ajna chakra is somehow manifesting an image of itself or letting you know that it is active, seeing as that is what you allows to see the etheric world in the first place.

  9. Yea I do this all the time too.

    I also wander but I'm never sure if it's what is actually there or if I'm imagining it because I can't check to see if it matches with "reality".

    Idk if I can do it in the dark but during the daytime I can definitely get pretty clear images of what's around.

    I even test it out by walking around my house with my eyes closed :D I trip over something once in awhile but if I take it slow I can do fairly well

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