Seeing Spots again..... Yellow/rust colored spots on fan leaves

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  1. Hey All,
    I am 3 weeks into flower with Blue Widow growing in RDWC. I have been running Lucas in the past and kept getting spots like you see below. I have tried a number of changes on successive crops and thought that I finally had it worked out. Everything was looking perfect until a few days ago and the spots are showing up.
    12/12 under HPS
    RDWC running Snype's nute regimen. Similar to Lucas but with a 1:1.5 ratio instead of 1:2 and adding KoolBloom 1.25gm/gal at day 14 flower.
    PH 5.8-6.1
    TDS 700 (.5 scale)
    My PH sat solid at 6.0 for quite some time.
    Air temps: 68-75F
    RH: 50-65%
    The affected leaves were just upper fan leaves to start with. Now I am seeing some sign of the same on the very lowest fan leaves.
    The symptoms look to me like either Phosphorus or Calcium deficiency. In the past I have added CalMag when I started seeing these spots. No change with the CalMag. That led me to believe that it may be a Phosphorous deficiency. With the switch in nute regimen I though I had it resolved. The addition of KoolBloom hits the K & P pretty hard. Unfortunately I am seeing spots again......
    Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think? Is it Phophorous? Calcium? Could I be locking Calcium out at PH 6.0-6.1??
    What do you all think?


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  2. Hey Mman,
    Thanks for the input. I hold pretty steady at 6.0 with swings running 5.8-6.1 PH. I am not seeing "twisted" leaves but the worst of the fan leaves do have a "taco" appearance.
    I am going to drop my "target" PH down a bit and see where that takes me. I wouldn't have expected a difference of around .1-.2 would be that significant.
    Yea, that's what they say, but let's see what your experience will be?
  4. No.
  5. What makes you so sure?
    The absence of spider mites, larvae or webs.
    I have checked thoroughly with naked eye and dissection microscope (80x).
    Good thought though. The symptoms have some similarity to spider mite damage.
    Any other thoughts?

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  7. Holding PH @ 5.8 and have added additional P & K.
    I see a gradual progression in the fan leaves showing the same appearance as the first picture above (100_1088.jpg) and am having to prop up a few branches already. Otherwise the plants look healthy.
    Are you confident in your equipment, calibrated your meter lately?
  9. I have 3 pH meters 4 TDS meters. I cross check readings between meters periodically and calibrate every 2 weeks .
    What about pix? Would that be possible soon?
  11. And, your water, is it RO? Tap? Distilled? Which?
  12. Of my meters?
  13. RO.
    I made a run to the grow store yesterday for CalMag. 150+ mile round trip. Spent more at the gas station than the grow shop...
    We'll see how that goes. CalMag did not resolve the issue last time I saw it but I was also having PH issues on that run. This time PH & TDS have been very stable & "well behaved".
     No, plants?
    Could very well be your issue, since your using RO water. I'm sorry you had to go so far, you must live in the wilderness like  I do, only  my best outlets are Ebay and Amazon.
  16. And you did modify your nute regimen, that could make a slight difference. We'll stay on top of things and see how they go.
    I did add the KoolBloom and CalMag. As far as I can tell this has halted the progression of the yellowing. Sometimes it is tough when you see them every day to tell "is it better or worse than yesterday?". After a few days I think I can sat that it is not getting worse.
    Here are some plant pics. The lighting makes the pics look more yellow than the plants really are.

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  18. I am having a similar problem. I am pretty sure it's a magnesium deficiency or a Cal lockout. From what I am reading, spraying with water that has Epsom salts dissolved in it should do the trick. A top per 32 liters is the desired amount. Gonna try this tomorrow. Sent from my Galaxy Note II. I know you bitchez be jealous.

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