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  1. What do you people do when you're so angry that you feel uncontrollable.

    Normally I put it in perspective, that in the grand scheme of things, when I look back 20 years from now, it will mean nothing.

    I wont get into details, but Ive been told I will recieve a 0 on a small assignment because I did not properly sign out during the class that I missed.

    If I were skipping id know I fucked myself, but it was not a skip, just a appointment that I thought "what am I 2, I dont need to do this for one class missed"

    IT may not effect anything, but applying to universities at mid-term and a zero can really effect a persons average.

    I can curse the teacher all I want, and really fuck that fucking square prick, he might fuck me hard for one mistake, the ends must justify the means, and this is bullshit. Cant even articulate anything im so angry.

    Anyways, I need some tips on how to cool off.
  2. Go with your big picture, you may have a zero and bring down your average, but there's always a way to make it work, like you said ultimately all the qualms in life are irrelevant, haha always wanted a reason to quote Tool, "all this pain is an illusion", but seriously go rip a bowl, focus on moving forward, nothing changes wallowing in rage.

  3. Hit someone.

    I am uncontrollable after all.
  4. I'm incredibly misanthropic, but I'm not an aggressive person. Yelling "ARG!!! I'M ANGRRY!!!!!" and stopping my feet really doesn't seem like something that would make me feel any better. Emotional people are irrational people, so I try to keep my shit together. I've never hit, or yelled at someone in anger.

  5. Agree with you there.
  6. Why not have a civil talk with the teacher and see if you can get your grade back by reasoning and ass kissing?
  7. I hit objects.

    Hit something hard a couple times..your focus will switch to "damn that fuckin hurts I hope nothing broke"
  8. If you feel like you've been wrongly graded (which it sounds like you were) you can always talk to the assistant dean or the dean can't you?

    He'll be pissed if the dean makes him change your grade, that would be the best revenge IMO.
  9. Gonna try to speak with him tomorrow.

    Just wanna make sure I keep my cool. I was really surprised he said it to me, I was just speachless and i left.

    ill be happy if he just give me a pass on the paper.
  10. Im really not an angry person, I dont think I've ever been so angry that I was uncontrollable. The only thing that gets me pissed is video games believe it or not. When I do get raged I usually throw shit around but I recently got a punching bag so I just go apeshit on it instead.
  11. I do this as well. It lets me let out alot of anger with out hurting someone. It dose suck though when you end up messing up your hand so punching bags can be better.
  12. Punch walls, kick walls, yell, swear creatively (sometimes random nonsense swearing). I've only hit someone once out of anger, well I punched him in the face multiple times and turned half his face into a bruise but it only happened on one occasion.
  13. When I was little (middle school to high school) it took a lot for someone to piss me off, but one thing that never failed was someone pushing me or swinging at me, and once I got REALLY angry it was actually scary as fuck because all of the sudden it is a minute later and I just got in a fight. :eek:

    But I've learned to control my anger usually by deep breathing and thinking to myself what could possibly happen if I snapped and then end up going "yup...bad move." Of course this is all if I'm not baked, which I usually am :p
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    Holy shit, did you steal my post through some sort of retrospective time paradox? That's the same way I feel, but I have smacked a few people around when they absolutely needed it. Plus, I have a bad habit of going completely fucking savage on someone if they start a fight I can't get out of. What I really can't understand are all these idiots that post in thsoe threads about how the OP got ripped off or someone stole his bike, and people recommend that he should kick his ass or slash his tires or break all his windows and spray paint his house.

    Just absolutely pathetic, childish, mindless behaviour in response to minor offenses, and it seems like the most logical course of action to them. Boggles the fucking mind, it does. I know people like this in real life, too. They live all over this town. And then there's all this "snitches get stitches" bullshit. If someone did that stuff to my shit, I'd personally haul them to the cop shop, and if the bitch tried anything I'd give him fair warning that I will shoot him in the dick as many times as I can before I think the trauma will kill him. That happened once, minus the shooting. I won't yell at or attack anyone, but I will inform them that they're safe until they make a move, at which point I will go completely apeshit on them. I might fuck with their head a bit, though - a little psychological abuse is always fun with these people, but I stay calm the whole time. That's also the art of being a dick: Keeping calm while the other person is going insane.

    A lot of people piss me off, but instead of flipping out I usually just inform them that I have better things to do than be irritated by them. That usually makes them angrier, which makes the situation funnier. Fucking with these people is fun.

    Ugh, I don't know if I'm making any sense; I'm so goddamn high.
  15. Go to the gym and have a hard workout.


    You're scaring me. Now I'm freaked out that my profs will take me outside and fuck me in the street.
  16. Your college professors are invisible, middle-aged, naked, shotgun-wielding suburbanite fathers?

    Stay the fuck away from me.

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